Vote for Your Children

Let’s take stock. We have real wages that have stopped growing, an economy that’s barely growing, a tax system that doesn’t work, a banking system that doesn’t work, a healthcare system that doesn’t work, a Social Security system that doesn’t work, a carbon policy that doesn’t work, and an educational system that doesn’t work.

Our country is as broke as broke can be – to the point that crumbling infrastructure is the new normal. Across the ocean our sworn enemy, North Korea, spends each day perfecting the means to attack us with their nuclear bombs, while we seem to look the other way. Another self-declared enemy, Iran, also works overtime to put us and each of our allies in its missile sites. This too has somehow become acceptable behavior. And then there is ISIS, which spread like wildfire while we sat back and watched in dismay.

This is no time for politics as usual. The stakes are far too high for ourselves and our children. But our two parties offer nothing more. For her part, Secretary Clinton has evinced no understanding of the depth of our fiscal problems let alone how to fix them. She has no plans, unless they are well hidden, to fundamentally reform our tax system, our healthcare system, our Social Security system, our banking system, or our educational system. Nothing in her agenda will kick start our economy and rapidly produce more jobs and higher wages.

As for national security, I don’t detect in her platform any clear course of action that will deter North Korea and Iran from ending up with nuclear weapons planted atop very long-range missiles. I read nowhere of her plans to repair our deteriorating relationships with Russia and China. Nor do I find any real understanding of the importance to our security of maintaining the European Union and helping restart its economic engine. As for climate change – the elephant in the room – we need an immediate and very high carbon tax. We don’t need another politician who can’t say the words “carbon tax” and sets emissions goals for years down the road, giving energy producers plenty of time to use their massive reserves of dirty energy before they lose them.

Secretary Clinton has worked tirelessly for our country over many long years. I deeply respect her service. But we need new ideas and an action plan, not political gridlock that will restart on day one. As for Mr. Trump, he is an embarrassment to himself and to our country. He is not fit to be President. His campaign has consisted of denigrating his competitors, blaming our trading partners for our problems, insulting females, stereotyping Muslims and Mexicans, extolling his brilliance, listening to himself, and substituting “trust me” for a platform.

The world saw an array of egomaniacal demagogues in the last century. The worst gained control in Germany, Japan, the Soviet Union, China, and Italy. They collectively destroyed over a hundred million lives and did incalculable damage to their countries. Donald Trump is a demagogue with an unbounded ego and no self-control. He represents a danger to our country and the world.

I didn’t reach the decision to run for President lightly. Like you, I’m fed up watching the American dream become something it’s never been – just a dream. I’m not a politician. I’m not into sound bites and pep rallies. My message is plain and simple. It’s time to fix our country the right way and from the ground up. It’s also time to tell our self-declared enemies, North Korea and Iran, that we will no longer let them prepare the means for our destruction.

Please distribute this book to everyone you know and ask them to distribute it to everyone they know. Please volunteer on my website,, to help our campaign take the relatively simple steps to gain write-in ballot access in every state that chooses to obey federal law concerning write-in candidates. Please find 9 other people who will pledge with you to jointly write me in together with my choice for vice president who I will announce in September.

And please don’t send me a penny. I don’t need your money to impress the press or run mindless 30-second ads. I need your spirit, your strength of purpose, your focus on the issues, your determination to fix our country, and, above, your love for your children.

One comment on “Vote for Your Children

  1. May 18, 2016 Randy Fischer

    If there was ever an election cycle that screams “I am fed up and not going to take it anymore” it is this one. I intend to read the book, share it to 9 and ask them to share it to 9. Congressman Dave Brat’s defeat of Eric Cantor and his $5 million campaign shows that a grassroots effort can have an effect. So I will be doing what I can do to drive traffic to the page and get the 9 x 9 x 9 x 9…. going. I will leave it to the good doctor to calculate the economics of trying to get 63,000,000 votes nine at a time.


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