It’s Time for the Media to Give Trump a Time Out

When a four year-old throws a temper tantrum, the proper response is a time out. Mr. Trump threw one of his routine temper tantrums on Tuesday. This time it wasn’t directed at Mexicans or the Chinese or his political opponents or a federal judge investigating his allegedly fraudulent business practices. This time he went after the media, calling one press member a “sleaze,” another a “real beauty,” a third a “loser,” and the media, in general, “dishonest, disgusting, slime, and scum.”

On prior occasions Mr. Trump has called a well respected member of the media a “bimbo” and ridiculed another based on his disability. We’ve come to expect the name calling, which Mr. Trump surely mastered in kindergarten. But charging the press with dishonesty is particularly rich coming from a man who utters more than one lie a minute according to a careful study by the Huffington Post.

Ironically, the media has largely created this monster, who is a horrible embarrassment to himself and to our country. The media decided, as they did with Herman Caine, that being rich qualifies someone, indeed anyone, to run for President. Whether the person tells the truth, can recognize the truth, can understand the truth, and can handle the truth — none of that matters. Nor does it matter that the person has no real platform and answers every substantive question with “trust me. I will fix it.”

It’s time for the media to leave Mr. Trump to fulminate by himself. It’s time for the media to give Mr. Trump a time out and boycott his events, including his so-called press conferences. The press has no obligation to report the lies of a well documented liar.

The one thing the press does when they attend his events is to become the butt of his attacks. This helps him divert attention from that the fact that he has little to say that makes any sense whatsoever on any topic of national importance. I’ve met many brilliant people in my day. Mr.Trump, you are not brilliant. What you are is very far over your head. This point will become increasingly clear as soon as the media stops letting Mr. Trump make them the story.

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