Update On My Campaign 6-6-16

Hello Everyone,

We’ve gotten off to a strong start with significant and favorable press, including articles in Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, the Dallas Morning News, PBS Next Avenue, Ozy, Money, and Forbes (a column by me written at the request of Forbes) as well as an NPR station interview.

A number of people have volunteered to work directly with the campaign and have already made major strides to register me as a write-in candidate in their states.  If you haven’t volunteered already, please do so and we’ll be in touch straight away to tell you specifically how you can help.

Whether or not you can volunteer, please ask as many people as possible to endorse my decision to run. Also, please spread this url — www.kotlikoff2016.com — to everyone you know and ask them to do likewise.

In the end, we don’t need money to win this election. We need votes. Voting for me and my choice for Vice President on November 8th will be as easy as voting for the parties’ candidates.  Writing two names is no harder than pulling two levers.

This said, there are some people who strongly wish to contribute money to my campaign. To accommodate their requests, I’m adding an “If You Insist” donate button to the website where people who want to help financially can donate up to the $2,700 legal limit per person. I’ll use the funds primarily to book interviews on radio stations across the country, which will help spread the word.

Over half of the population is strongly opposed to both Secretary Clinton and Mr. Trump according to recent polls. This means we have a very good shot to win the election if we can get the word out about my candidacy and encourage our friends, relatives, and colleagues to carefully consider my policy positions (as outlined on the website and in the downloadable book), which I believe the vast majority of our fellow citizens will approve, either in whole or on balance.

Social media can exponentiate our voices making each of us a political powerhouse. This is why it has become such an powerful instrument for galvanizing collective political action in countries across the world. If you are ready to stand with me, if you are ready to give the politicians a run for their money, if you are ready to tell the parties their days are over, if you are sick and tired of watching our country fall behind, if you are ready to fix our country for real and for good, use your power. Use it for yourself.  Use it for your children.  Use it for our country.


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