An Open Letter to Mitt Romney — A Path to Victory Without Trump

Dear Governor Romney,

I applaud your courageous decision and that of other leaders of the Republican Party to disavow your party’s presumptive nominee. You are certainly right. Donald Trump is utterly unfit for the Presidency. A growing number of Americans agree. According to today’s Washington Post, 56 percent of Americans are strongly opposed to Trump and another 14 percent view him unfavorably. Only 29 percent say they like him.

Hillary Clinton’s 43 percent favorability rating is also incredibly low — for far different, but also very good reasons. Yet her low favorability rating is 50 percent higher than Trump’s. Moreover, Trump is growing absolutely and relatively less popular by the day. Consequently, the Republican Party is on the path to a landslide defeat, unless …

Here’s an option you surely haven’t considered. You can support my write-in campaign. And you can do this without abandoning your party.

Come again?

It’s simple. You can read the platform book posted at, check me out with my friend and yours, Paul Ryan (with whom I’ve discussed policy over many years), and confirm that my positions on the economy and foreign affairs are far closer to yours than are those of Donald Trump. Then it’s a simple matter to publicly declare me your Republican candidate for President.

To be clear. I’m not a registered anything. But I don’t mind being called a Republican.  Nor do I mind being called a Democrat. In fact, I’m used to it. Democrats call me a Republican and Republicans call me a Democrat all the time. This is because I propose policies that are new to both sides.

If, Governor Romney, you and other Republican leaders endorse my candidacy, you’ll likely bring the entire Republican rank and file with you. In this case, you won’t be abandoning the party. The party will be abandoning Mr. Trump, and amen to that.

Moreover, this will open the door to Senator Sanders and other Democrats who aren’t happy with Hillary doing the same. Were Senator Sanders to look carefully at what I’m proposing, he’d see it will be far more effective in achieving his goals than what Hillary has in mind (which, it seems, is precious little).

In the end analysis, the county has a host of major problems, many quite grave, which members of both parties recognize and agree need immediately to be fixed. What neither party is offering, however, is real solutions. Real solutions to major problems require radical reforms, not tinkering around the edges. And neither party wants to stick its neck out.

I’m happy to stick my neck out for our country. And I’m happy to do it being called a Republican, a Democrat, or what I really am – a professional economist who knows and is actually saying, in black and white, precisely how to fix things.

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