Cameron Should Resign Over Brexit

Britain has made a truly terrible mistake in voting to leave the European Union. And there is one man responsible — British Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Imagine a U.S. President X waking up one day and a) declaring a date for Massachusetts to vote on whether to secede from the rest of our country and b) pledging to have Congress, in which his party has a filibuster-proof majority, let Massachusetts leave if the majority votes to leave.

There are plenty of folks in my state who could be convinced by local demagogues that we’d do better off on our own.  Why, they’d ask, should Massachusetts be tied to a country that permits the sale of assault rifles to people on the FBI watch list, that threatens abortion rights, that collects more from us in taxes than it hands back to us in benefits, that expels illegal immigrants who have lived as our neighbors for years, that wastes too much money on defense, that is constantly at war, that doesn’t have a single-payer healthcare system, that lets its infrastructure fall apart, that can’t properly educate its children, that is continually blackmailed by big banks, that is besieged by people from Maine, that doesn’t believe in global warming, and … you get the picture.

With the right people demonizing the country, the leave America vote might win big in Massachusetts.

The day after the Massachusetts voted to leave, Texas would likely run its own secession referendum. Then the other Southern states could decide to hook up with Texas in a modern Confederacy under the slogan, The South Just Rose Again. California might head off with Oregon and Washington State. Who knows where it would all end. Once you open the floodgates, it generally floods.

David Cameron has opened the flood gates.  He’s President X.  Britain is Massachusetts and the European Union (EU) stands for the United States.  Even though Cameron lobbied hard against it, the UK voted yesterday to leave the EU. This absolutely horrendous decision truly boggles the mind.  The European Union has plenty of flaws.  But it has helped preserve the peace, given Europeans something they long needed, a common nationality, reduced trade barriers, facilitated the introduction of the Euro, expanded the market for British goods, permitted the British to live and work anywhere in the EU, and the list goes on.

If Parliament now votes to leave the European Union, David Cameron’s idiotic decision to call a referendum will go down in history as one of the worst blunders any politician has yet committed. The man gives politicians a bad name, which is no easy feat. He should resign and ask Parliament to ignore the non-binding referendum as a very bad joke, which he now regrets.


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