Neither Hillary Clinton Nor Donald Trump Get Our Problems, Nor How To Fix Them

Our country can no longer afford to vote for the least worst Presidential candidate. Our problems are too big and time is too short. We need to fix much of our country from the ground up and to get far tougher when it comes to dealing with external threats, such as North Korea and ISIS.

Yet neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump have even acknowledged the nature and depth of our problems, let alone how to fix them.

  • Neither has said boo about our nation’s overwhelming fiscal insolvency, about the ways our tax-transfer system locks the poor into poverty, or the exact manner in which the superrich routinely avoid taxes.
  • Neither has a remotely intelligent tax reform that will rapidly improve our economy by dramatically increasing saving, investment, real wages, and employment.
  • Neither has a plan to radically improve work incentives, especially for the poor.
  • Neither understands that Social Security is in far worse fiscal shape worse shape than the Detroit pensions when they bankrupted that city, that Social Security treats the poor, on balance, worse than the rich, that Social Security is incredibly sexist and in many ways racist, and that the system is an absolute users nightmare with hundreds of thousands of rules, which its 40,000 bureaucrats routinely misinterpret.
  • Neither Clinton nor Trump understand that leverage and opacity, not the size of banks, are the core problems with banking, that Dodd-Frank addressed neither problem, that Dodd-Frank made financial collapse more, not less likely, and that we need 100 percent equity-financed, transparent mutual fund banking to prevent another financial meltdown.
  • Neither Clinton nor Trump knows how to fix, once and for all, our incredibly inefficient, balkanized, federal healthcare system, which still leaves tens of millions uninsured and that will slowly consume every penny we make.
  • Trump listens to Trump and Trump has told Trump that, not withstanding his zero scientific training and knowledge, he’s far smarter than our top scientists and that climate change is a myth. His policies will likely submerge Manhattan, Miami, Boston and other major U.S. cities in our children’s lifetime.
  • Clinton understands and properly fears climate change, but can’t mouth the five words that can help stop it — “immediate, very high carbon tax.” Nor does she get that announcing plans to reduce emissions in the future are leading dirty energy suppliers to “use it or lose it.” Their flooding of dirty energy on the market is lowering energy prices, causing a faster burn, and is accelerating the heating of the planet. Her climate “fix” will likely make the planet hotter and more likely to cross a disastrous tipping point.
  • Neither Clinton nor Trump has a plan to use new technology to begin equalizing education across the country.
  • Neither has made clear that legal, not illegal immigration is producing a population explosion in our country, which will raise the population by one third in 45 years, and that will add 100 million people (the current population of the Philippines) by the end of this period. Nor has Clinton acknowledged that adding 1 million legal immigrant workers, 85 percent of the whom are low-skill, to the workforce year after year has anything to do with the loss of the U.S. middle class and the decades-long absence of low-skilled worker real wage growth.
  • Neither wants to decriminalize non-violent use of drugs. Doing so will enormously reduce the incarceration rates of young Americans, particularly blacks and hispanics.
  • Neither is willing to use the military starting on day 1 to prevent missile testing  by North Korea and Iran. Absent this policy, North Korea will, over time, be able to deliver nuclear weapons to any doorstep in America with its already missile-ready nuclear weapons. Iran will be able to do the same with missile-ready nuclear bombs acquired from North Korea.
  • Neither has a plan to fix our relationship with Russia and China and, thereby, resolve the conflicts over the Ukraine, the South China Sea, Taiwan, Syria, and NATO.
  • Neither wants to deputize trusted members of the public to have non-lethal means to defend themselves and others in the face of Orlando-type terrorist attacks.
  • Neither will be able to able to get the other party to cooperate on anything of major importance.
  • Neither is respected by a majority of the public.
  • Neither is remotely qualified to serve as President.

We have sensible, simple, clear, non-bureaucratic solutions to each of these problems. These are solutions that can be implemented overnight and provide our country, particularly our children with a safe, prosperous, and secure future.

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