To Vote For Your Kids You Need to Write or Type Just 8 Words

On November 8th, when you enter the polling booth, you can write just 8 words and vote for two people who know what’s wrong with our country and how to fix it.

Here are the 8 words:

Laurence Kotlikoff for President

Edward Leamer for Vice President

Each physical ballot leaves a space for you to write in a candidate other than those whose names are already printed. If your voting is via a computer screen, there will be an option to type in alternative candidates to those listed for President and those listed for Vice President.

If it’s so simple to vote for write-in candidates, why haven’t we seen such candidates get elected?

The answer is we have.

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski won office as a write in candidate. So did the now deceased Senator Strom Thurmond. A number of write-in candidates have also been elected to the House of Representatives. And while they weren’t strictly write-in candidates, five U.S. presidents — President Hoover, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Nixon, and Kennedy — won critical Presidential primaries based on write-in votes.

Yes, this is a short list and so far no strictly write-in candidate has been elected President. But all kinds of “impossible” things happen all the time. No NBA team ever won the playoffs by winning three games in a row. The Cleveland Cavaliers just did so. No country ever exited the EU. The UK just voted “Leave.” No car ever drove itself across China. One did in April. No fish ever had a fake eye until this June. No space craft is exploring Jupiter as Juno is today. And the list goes on as each annual edition of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not makes clear.

There are six reasons Ed and I can win this election.

First, we are credible and serious candidates with concrete, simple, realistic, and bipartisan plans for fixing taxes, healthcare, Social Security, banking, energy policy, immigration policy, and education policy.

Second, our foreign policy is focused first and foremost on something the politicians seemed to have forgotten — the survival chances of our children.

Third, we are the first economists to run for President and Vice President. We bring years of training and knowledge about economic problems and policies. We also have a deep knowledge of international economics, international affairs, international policies, and international relations.

Fourth, the Do Nothing and Know Nothing candidates are very unpopular. We are just four months from the election and Hillary Clinton is favorably rated by less than 40 percent of the public. Less than one third view Donald Trump favorably.

Fifth, the internet is enormously powerful. It’s changed almost all aspects of our lives. It’s created new industries and destroyed others. It’s facilitated political change around the globe. It can and will do the same here.

Fifth, the public is fed up with political parties whose core value is obtaining and preserving power. The public also realizes that the parties are dysfunctional and are quite content to spend their time fighting rather than fixing America. Thanks to the internet, we don’t need to have two self-interested, radicalized political parties decide for us who we’re going to have running our country and looking out for our kids. We can do our homework and figure out all on our own who we wish to put in charge of securing our children’s future.

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