Justice Ginsburg Should Retract Her Comments On Trump and Apologize

My opinion of Donald Trump’s qualifications for the President are those of Justice Ginsburg. I don’t think he has any idea of what he is saying from one minute to the next or any capacity to fix our country’s problems, which needs a skilled surgeon, not a butcher with a meat cleaver.

But when it comes to Justice Ginsburg public condemnation of Donald Trump, Mr. Trump is right. She has disgraced her high office by intervening in the political campaign. I can understand her emotional reaction to Mr. Trump. But her responsibility is to the office she holds and that office comes with many implicit and explicit restrictions.

The judiciary is our third branch of government. It is an independent branch of government. It cannot exercise impartial judgement if its members publicly or privately criticize members of the other two branches, including prospective members. This is a huge thing we ask of the judiciary — to maintain silence, stand apart from the crowd and internalize that discipline when it comes to passing impartial judgments.

But that’s what we ask and that’s the price of the job. If Justice Ginsburg wished to rail against Mr. Trump, she should resign and become a private citizen. But at this point, she is a public servant who needs to continue to do the terrific job she has done for years with the decorum that she has displayed for years. I think it would be best for Justice Ginsburg to retract her comments and publicly apologize to Mr. Trump. She owes that to Mr. Trump, to the country, and to herself.

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