President Obama’s Dallas Speech Was Deeply Needed

President Obama, as he has done on so many occasions, had exactly the right words to sooth our grieving nation — if any words can truly help. His central message was that we are not a nation of African Americans, Hispanics, Whites, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Italians, Poles, Greeks, Swedes, Africans, Arabs, and the list goes on. We are one people — one highly united and very good people. We cannot surmise from random acts of police brutality that all our police are brutal. Nor can we surmise that one cop-killer is representative of more than himself.

But we need a path forward. Police brutality needs to end and end immediately. The police should not be authorized to use lethal weapons as their first means of defense.  We also need to protect the public and the police from assassins, domestic and foreign. This requires banning the sale of assault weapons and deputizing responsible and thoroughly vetted members of the civilian population to bear non-lethal weapons to defend themselves against acts of terror as well as defend police who come under attack to the extent possible. These steps won’t fully end wanton acts of cruelty, either by the police or the public, but they will greatly reduce it.

I also want to take this opportunity to encourage gun owners to put the NRA out of business by establishing an alternative organization of gun owners who agree with far stricter background checks, regardless of the point of sale, who agree that those on the FBI’s terror watch list should not be permitted to purchase guns, and who agree that the sale of assault riles should banned. The NRA is not all powerful. It can be put out of business quite quickly, and as President I’d do all I could to encourage the founding of a MRA, a Modern Rifle Association, which we can be proud of and that doesn’t put the freedom of terrorists to purchase powerful arsenals of destruction above the welfare and safety of the American public.


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