Our Write-In Campaign Has Received More National Media Than Any Before

We’re now about two months into our campaign and have been featured in Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, the Boston Globe, the Dallas Morning News, PBS, NPR, NewsMax, Money, Forbes, Investment News, and other national media outlets. This is more media exposure than any postwar write-in campaign for the Presidency has every received.

We expect this to build in the near term as the press tires of writing non-stories about two candidates who have nothing precise or particularly useful, let alone innovative to say on either domestic or foreign issues. We’re going to kickstart this process by conducting a virtual debate with the two candidates on each of the key issues confronting our country.  It will consist simply of comparing Clinton and Trump’s positions on an issue with our own. The debate will appear on this site as well as on Forbes and The Huffington Post.

Thus far the press has been content to report on Clinton and Trump’s name calling and their blank promises to fix everything that ails us. But continuing to write this story for the next four months isn’t going to cut it. The public is dying for substance and we’re going to provide it to the extent possible.

In the end, we don’t need national media to win the election.  We need to get you, our supporters, to create a voter virus in which you each find 10 people who will pledge to write us in and then ask each of those 10 to find 10, etc.

This is far easier than you might think. The majority of voters, including most of the 80 percent who didn’t vote in the primaries, either can’t stand or dislike both Clinton and Trump.

Yes, many of these people are considering voting for Clinton to stop Trump or voting for Trump to start Clinton. Our next blog will point out that both Clinton and Trump are each very dangerous choices but in different ways.

As for social issues, voting for a President to control Supreme Court nominations is not necessary. What’s critical is the composition of the Senate. As long as each party has at least 40 percent of the Senate seats, no Supreme Court nominee will be confirmed who will radically change the status quo on social issues.

So our message to those concerned about the Supreme Court is vote for Senators who share your views.  But don’t waste your vote for President because you are worried about the Supreme Court. Your vote for the President is a vote for the President, not a vote for a Supreme Court justice. Who we choose to fix and protect our country  is of paramount importance to our nation’s future.

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