What The Press Don’t Get — We Will Be On the Ballot In November Thanks to Nine Words

Many members of the press don’t seem to understand how easy it is to elect a write-in candidate for President because a) we’ve never had a write-in candidate receive national media coverage, b) we’ve never had a credible write-in candidate, c) no write-in candidate has ever won the Presidency, and d) they think that only those on the ballot are credible candidates.

I invite such members of the press to click on the Press link on our site and they’ll see that we have already received national media coverage.

I invite such members of the press to download and read the free platform book posted on our site and they’ll quickly see this is a very serious attempt to fix the country and save it from four to eight years of Clinton or Trump.

I invite such members of the press to realize that if “this can’t happen because it hasn’t happened” were true they’d have no running water in their bathrooms, no cars to drive, no planes to fly, no cell phones to use, and no Cleveland Cavs to cheer as NBA come-from-behind record breakers. Our country’s entire history is based on seven words, “It can happen and it will happen.”

Finally, I invite such members of the media to visualize a ballot in their hands.  Yes, the ballot will have the printed names of Clinton and Trump. But putting Kotlikoff and Leamer on the ballot requires writing just nine words in the spaces provided — Laurence Kotlikoff for President (in one space) and Edward Leamer for Vice President (in another space).

So if you know a member of the press who has not yet written about our campaign, do him/her a favor. Print out a sample ballot, fill in the 8 words along with Clinton and Trump’s names, mail it to the member of the press and say, “Please look at this ballot. We are not stuck with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb as President. Look who else is on this ballot and will be on millions of other ballots on November 8th with just nine words.”





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