Republicans — Flip Your Vote

Here’s a special call to action to moderate Republicans.

The vast majority of you did not vote for Donald Trump. The vast majority of you didn’t vote for the Donald or for any other of the mostly cartoon characters who ran in “your” primaries. You did what 80 percent or more Americans do when it comes to the primaries. You stayed away.  You realized that the primaries are carnivals dominated by extremists, which moderates avoid because they correctly believe other moderates won’t show up.

So you are not responsible for that fact that “your” candidate is running a convention straight out of Comedy Central, that “your” candidate actually does want to lock up his opponent, end free trade, ban Mexicans, ban Muslims, treat some women like sex objects, treat other women like trash, ban abortion under all circumstances, accelerate climate change, support dictators, renege on the national debt, let China take over the South China Sea, shut down NATO, let Russia restore “its” lost empire, let North Korea practice firing nuclear-capable missiles in our direction, balance the budget by cutting taxes, and the list just goes on.

The man is unhinged. He’s a con artist, a swindler, a narcissist, a racist, a misogynist, a novice, an ignoramus, and you fill in the rest. The one thing he is not is your candidate for President.

But neither is Hillary Clinton. She’s got her own very long list of disqualifying descriptors that starts with liar and power monger.

Clinton is not a safe bet. She’s as dangerous as Trump but just in different ways. The country has incredibly deep domestic and foreign problems and she has only slogans for sale. The country has been in decline for decades, is in debt up to its eyeballs, and simply cannot afford four or eight more years of fix-nothing government. As for foreign policy, anyone who omits North Korea from her campaign website’s list of national security threats is hardly prepared to face those threats.

You have a different way forward. You have a real choice. You have someone you can trust who you can put on the ballot and vote for with just four words.

So here’s my message to Republicans. Do your homework. Read and spread the free book posted at And flip your vote to me and my running mate, economist Edward Leamer.

Flip your vote and you will flip other Republicans who also have no candidate they can support. And as you flip, the vast majority of Democrats, who deep in their hearts fear Hillary as much as you fear Trump, will flip as well.

Flip, flip today, flip publicly and flip proudly. You owe it to yourselves. You owe it to your children. And you owe it to our country.





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