Clinton’s Nomination Is a Marvelous Achievement For Herself and Our Country

As those of you who are supporting my candidacy or are simply following my campaign know, I’m don’t think Hillary Clinton is the right person to lead our country for the next four to eight years.  But I want to congratulate her on her nomination and sincerely rejoice with her and all Americans that our country has achieved this truly tremendous milestone — the nomination of a woman by one of the major parties for President of the United States.

I’m 65. I grew up when racism and sexism was beyond endemic.  It was as American as apple pie. I certainly never expected to see an African American elected President nor a woman win the Presidential nomination of her party. Yes, many other countries, large and small, have had female heads of state. The UK had Margaret Thatcher and is now led by Theresa May.  Israel had Golda Meir. Depending on how you count, there are over 100 female heads of state, past and present.

But whether our country is particularly macho or just slow to adjust to a changing world, it’s taken well over two centuries for us to reach this point. But once we accept change we embrace it and immediately seem to forget things were ever any different. Our country is far more integrated and accepting of differences than it’s ever been. Today, we think nothing of electing minorities to office, of seeing gays get married, of females participating in combat, and, now, of women becoming President.

Yes, there are many intolerant people among us who live to demean and ridicule. There’s one particularly small-minded sexist bigot, named Dump, also running for President. But let’s worry about him tomorrow. Today, let’s thank Hillary Clinton for smashing a class ceiling that perhaps no one but she could have smashed at this moment in our history.  Let’s feel proud for Hillary, proud for ourselves, and proud for our country.



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