Republicans — Multiply Your Votes and Dump Trump!

I have two friends who are top notch economists.  One, Tom, is a lifetime Democrat. The other, Bob, is a lifetime Republican. Both are appalled by Trump. They view Trump for what he is — a con artist, an innate liar, a domestic and foreign policy ignoramus, a fan of dictators, a would-be dictator, and someone who can inflict massive damage on our country and its international relations.

Clinton? Neither likes Clinton. They both want to see a woman elected President, but the right woman. Both Tom and Bob realize the country is failing domestically and flailing internationally. Hillary gives a good speech, but she’s very long on pledges and very short on answers.

She’s offering Clinton and Obama redux — fix nothing and blame it all on the Republicans. There is no new, clear, broad, and highly precise vision for how to jointly and immediately fix our tax system, our banking system, our Social Security system, our heath care system, our energy policy, our educational system, or anything else.  (Our platform book provides such a vision.)

Tom and Bob also correctly realize that the Republicans will give her a worse time than they gave Bill and Barack. Hence, the freebees she’s offering  various interest groups to procure their vote will likely never happen.

How about Clinton’s foreign policy?

Tom and Bob share my and Ed’s assessment — no backbone when it comes to North Korea, Iran, or ISIS, and no big strategies for getting China out of the South China Sea and the Russia out of the Ukraine.

Ok, but are Tom and Bob going to write us in?

Both said they might, but that they don’t want to throw away their vote.

I found myself scratching my head. In making that statement, my friends, who are also students of political science, are implying that their votes will be decisive in this election.  But no election for President has ever been won by a single vote or anything remotely close to a single vote. In 2000, the closest vote in postwar history, Al Gore won the popular vote by over a half million votes.  But none of those extra votes mattered thanks to the workings of our electoral college system.

So I asked them, “Do you think your vote will decide the election?”

“Of course not.”

“So if your vote won’t matter, how can you think voting for me and Ed is throwing away your vote?”

Neither had an answer.

I hold out little hope for Tom. He’s emotionally programmed to vote Democratic. He’s done it all his life and it’s hard even for ultra rational economists to change their personal behavior.

Bob, well he’s so angry by and scared of Trump, that he says he’s going to vote for Hillary. This would, I’m sure, be the first time he’s ever voted for a Democrat.

Still, I’m holding out hope for Bob. I think he and other moderate Republicans are going to flip their votes for me and Ed provided we can persuade each of them that there’s a way to make their vote matter, namely by multiplying it.

Multiply your vote?

What’s that mean?

It means bringing others along with you.

Here’s the idea. Rather than Bob doing what he plans to do — sit back and watch this election come to one of two truly awful ends, he does something that’s simple and easy. He finds ten Republican friends (relatives or colleagues will do fine) who hate Trump.

Finding ten such people is easy. There are tens of millions of Republicans who can’t stand “I Alone,” but also have no stomach for Clinton.

Bob tells all ten friends that if they write us in, he’ll do the same, but on one condition.

The condition?

They each make exactly the same offer to another 10 people.

Now think about this. If Bob finds 10, and his 10 find 10, and each of their 10 find 10, and … this goes on 100 times, we have 10 to the power 100 people writing us in.

How many people is that? It’s 10 million!

If just five of you reading this do the same, you can each multiply your own vote by 10 million.  Collectively, you together with Bob will end up getting every registered Republican in the country to write us in. How so? Well, there are only 55 million registered Republicans.

Yes, it’s that simple. We just need five or six people to get this ball rolling and it will roll like mad on its own.

Sounds like a chain letter, doesn’t it?

That’s exactly what it is. But it’s a beneficent chain letter. Not the kind that cost you your lunch money in 5th grade or your retirement savings in 2008.

Will Bob do this?

It doesn’t matter.

The question is Will you do this?

It’s your choice. You can sit back and ensure your vote won’t count and that someone you hate or at least fear ends up running your country. Or you can pick up the phone, find 10 people, multiple your vote and, for the first time ever — make your vote matter.

And once you’ve dumped Trump, all those who felt the Bern and got badly burnt will hear about our campaign, realize that we offer a sure path to Bernie’s vision and find their 10 friends.

So go for it!

Start the Dump Trump movement not next week, not tomorrow, not tonight. Start it right now!

Dump Trump!




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