Texans — Please Immediately Sign Up To Serve As Electors!

This is a special request to all my supporters in Texas and to those around who have friends in Texas.

I need to secure 38 people to serve as electors in Texas. Each state that accepts write-in candidates requires the candidate to file, but also have a slate of residents willing to serve as electors.

Here’s what’s needed.

  1. If you are registered to vote  in Texas, please go to http://www.sos.state.tx.us/elections/forms/dw1-2.pdf
  2. Print out the form
  3. Fill it out and sign it.   (Note: It does not need to be notarized!)
  4. Mail the signed form to my Texas Campaign Director: Billy Clifford
  5. Here’s Billy’s address:Billy Clifford

    12106 Tweed Court

    Austin, TX 78727

  6. If you don’t live in Texas, please forward the url for this request to all your friends and acquaintances in Texas.

Please do this immediately and have your friends do the same.

You’ll be called on to serve as an elector if I win enough votes in Texas.

Together we’re going to make this happen.

All best and with deep thanks,


One comment on “Texans — Please Immediately Sign Up To Serve As Electors!

  1. August 16, 2016 Philip T

    Two questions:

    To vote for you as a write-in, what needs to be written down? I’ve seen in some articles that it needs to be, “Laurence Kotlikoff for President, Ed Leamer for Vice President.” Is that accurate? If so, it’d be nice if you had a place on your blog / website for, “How to vote for us as a write-in.” Maybe offer business cards for sale with the instructions by state? Even as a BU econ graduate, I had to look your name up to spell it and I can’t imagine that misspellings get counted well.

    Secondly, in filling out the form to volunteer as a Texas elector, would I be correct in assuming that the write-in candidate would need to be the whole phrase from my prior question, or is there some variation on that?



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