A Public Appeal To John Kasich

Dear John,

I was pulling for you in the primaries, but it was not to be.

You and I are old and very good friends. We share very common beliefs about how to fix the country. We differ on certain social issues, but they have been resolved by the courts and are really not up for grabs in this election.

John, you can’t stomach Trump for very good reasons. He is a danger to our country and is destroying the Republican party. Your finest hour is your decision not to endorse him.

The 80 percent of registered Republicans who are moderate and never voted in the primaries and would, no doubt, have voted for you had you won the primaries, are at sea. They have no one to vote for.

I’m calling on you to publicly endorse my candidacy and ask your fellow Republicans to write me and my VP choice (Economist Edward Leamer at UCLA) in on November 8th.

Please announce that Laurence Kotlikoff is your Republican candidate.

No, I’m not a registered anything. But you and I agree on virtually every issue, which can possibly be affected by the next President and Congress.

So, please, just don’t just sit back. Provide moderate Republicans with a candidate for whom to vote in November.

Your public endorsement will, no doubt, prompt other prominent Republicans, like Jeb Bush, to do the same.

Indeed, within a matter of days, the Republican rank and file will flip from someone most of them can’t stand to someone they see as one of their own.

With warm regards and call me if you want to discuss this unusual, but vital contribution to our nation,





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