Republicans – I Am Your Natural Candidate, Not Trump

Dear Republicans,

You can not be serious about voting for an unhinged, uncouth, indisciplined man who

  1. calls women pigs
  2. insults the parents of a muslim American soldier who died for our country
  3. calls Mexicans rapists and criminals
  4. openly invites the Russians to invade the Baltics
  5. admires Saddam Hussein
  6. thinks the Chinese will deal with North Korea in a five minute phone call
  7. is promoting the breakup of the European Union
  8. is threatening a trade war with China
  9. is buddy buddies with Putin
  10. doesn’t know the Russian have already invaded Eastern Ukraine
  11.  fill in the rest, starting with “I alone can fix it.”

Yes, he can wiggle out of each of his disgusting and irresponsible statements by, for example, saying he was’t calling all women pigs.

The country needs you to get a grip.  But it doesn’t need you to surrender to the Democrats.

Hillary is a terrible choice, not because she’s a terrible person, but because she has no real handle on what’s wrong and how to fix it. Her answer to every problem is another government program or handout.

We’ve tried the Democrat’s solution. It hasn’t worked.

But that doesn’t give you leeway to vote for Trump.

You simply don’t want this uncouth person with his vile mouth running your lives and ruining our country.

I’m your natural candidate.  It’s not Donald Trump.

Don’t blindly vote for this person just because a small minority of your party was mesmerized by his 4th-grade debate antics.

Do you homework.  Read the book on this site and get on board my campaign.

best, Larry



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