The Public Is Dumping Trump. Republican Leaders — Save Your Party With “The New Republicans”

The American public is dumping Trump for a long list of excellent reasons, which Trump extends every time he shoots off his mouth or sends off a tweet.

His name calling is getting more desperate.  Yesterday he called Clinton the “Devil.”

According to the latest CNN poll, Trump’s now trailing Clinton by 8 points. CBS has Trump down 7 points.

This gap will grow and grow, led by the military.

Not a single member of the military, past or present, will support someone who dishonors their comrades. And Trump has done so repeatedly.

Republicans are facing a major, perhaps historic blowout on November 8th, which could splinter the party forever into two far right and moderate wings.

Republican leaders, be they John Kasich, Mitt Romney, John McCain, William Kristol, the Koch Brothers, Lindsey Graham, Jep Bush, George Will (yes, George, you are still a Republican), Paul Ryan, Condoleezza Rice, William Cohen, Colin Powell, Rand Paul, … you have a choice.

Option A: You can stick your heads in the sand.

Option B: You can dump Trump, declare Kotlikoff and Leamer “the New Republicans,” vociferously support our candidacy, beat Clinton, move the country forward, and save your party.

Doing so requires doing your homework. (I’m a professor, so I’m used to handing out homework assignments.)

First, have to read the book posted on this site so you understand precisely why you should very strongly support us.

Second, you have to support us publicly in a big way.

Part of this is clarifying for the public that:

Electing write-in candidates for President and Vice President is amazingly simple.

Here’s the message you need to convey to one and all.

 Just write Laurence Kotlikoff for President and Edward Leamer for Vice President on your ballot and “the New Republicans” will beat Hillary in November!

PS, If you are a Democrat, but can’t take Hillary, call us “the New Democrats!”  We’re economists.  We don’t give a damn about titles or parties. We’re happy to be called Republicans or Democrats or both. As our book lays out, if elected, we’ll have a bi-partisan, highly diverse cabinet and fix our economy and its foreign policy in intelligent and very new ways that the American people and both parties will strongly support.

If this helps both parties survive to fight another day, so be it. We aren’t here to destroy the two party system or to save it. We are here to fix the country we all love – for ourselves, but primarily for our kids.



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