Trump Is Slip, Sliding Away — Republicans, Vote for Your Kids — Adopt Kotlikoff and Leamer

Republicans, the extreme wing of your party has backed a loser and backed you into a corner.  Trump is fading in the polls. He was up 5 points, then down 5 points, now he’s down 10 points. He’s quickly heading to where he belongs — in the single digits.

This is happening, in part, thanks to a long list of top former national security officials and advisors, from both parties, who are now coming forward and warning the country in no uncertain terms that this man does not have the self control, international experience, common sense, knowledge, judgment, ability to think critically, or capacity to retain facts needed by a commander in chief.

You have four very bad options and one very good option.

Here are your very bad options:

You can choose not to vote. You can vote for Clinton.  You can vote for Johnson. You can vote for Stein.

Not voting leaves others to decide your fate.

Voting for Clinton is voting for the status quo, which is a slow, but sure path of further economic decline and a future in which our sworn enemies, particularly North Korea, continue to acquire the means of our destruction.

Voting for Johnson or Stein is voting for people who want blank checks. Neither has articulated exactly how to fix banking, Social Security, healthcare, taxes, education, carbon policy, immigration, and other domestic problems. Neither has acknowledged that when all the bills are put on the books, the country is facing a fiscal crisis of the first order (which we adults intend to dump, in full, in our children’s laps). And neither has anything precise to say about foreign policy.

The very good option is to write the following eight words in the spaces provided on your ballots on November 8th.

Laurence Kotlikoff for President

Edward Leamer for Vice President

As I’ve written before to Republicans, we’re happy to be your adopted Republican candidates.

We view our policies as far more aligned with the true interests of both Republicans and Democrats than those of any of the other candidates.

The reason is simple. Our policies are designed with one primary purpose. It’s not getting elected. It’s making sure everyone’s children, be they the children of Democrats, Republicans, or Independents, have a safe, healthy and prosperous future.

Read our platform book, forward the book, join our campaign, and vote for your kids, which, in this election, means vote for us.



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