We’re On the Ballot In Colorado!

The State of Colorado just confirmed that Ed and I will be on the ballot (i.e., printed on the ballot form) in Colorado on November 8th.

We also expect to be on the ballot in Louisiana.

In other states, we need our supporters to put us on the ballot by simply writing

Laurence Kotlikoff for President


Edward Leamer for Vice President

in the spaces provided on the ballot form you receive when you go to vote. We are in the process of qualifying to be write-in candidates or have already so qualified in all 41 states that accept write-in candidates. Altogether, we’ll be set to win roughly 95 percent of all electors to the Electoral College.

So if you are among the majority of Americans who aren’t excited about either Clinton nor Trump, please join our campaign. Your children need you to help us win this.

My best, Larry

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