The Only Real Write-In Candidates In the United States Are Kotlikoff and Leamer

No insult to Mikey Mouse or other cartoon characters, including Donal Trump, but from what I can tell, Ed Leamer and I are the only actual write-in candidates in the country.

I apologize to other write-in candidates if I have this wrong, but to actually win the Presidency as a write-in candidate you need to be registered as a write-in candidate in enough states to win a majority of electors in the Electoral College.

This involves a very major effort.  You need to meet each state’s very different requirements.  Doing so in Massachusetts, for example, requires not just finding 11 registered voters to sign a special form, but also going to their city or town’s city hall and obtaining a certificate confirming they are registered voters.

Ed and I are doing all this together with our growing team of volunteers across the country. Dan Smith, our Michigan-based Campaign Director, has done an awesome job going to Louisiana and Texas to get us on the ballot in LA and registered as write-in candidates in TX.

But from what I can tell, no other write-in candidates are making this effort. If I’m correct, there are no other real write-in candidates in the country. 

Hence, even though there may be thousands of people who have said they are write-in candidates (in several states you can be a write-in candidate without doing a single thing!), they aren’t write-in candidates in terms of our national election.

One other update. Our campaign is starting chain-letter emails to distribute the book and campaign url to everyone in the country with an internet connection. To join this effort and also help us get registered in the remaining states, please enroll as a volunteer on the website and we’ll be in touch immediately.

Collectively, we are far more powerful than the press, which seems intent on doing one story after another on the sorry state of our politics and how nice it would be if people other than Clinton and Trump were running for President. 

The NY Times opinion columnists are particularly adept at repurposing this lament, in one column after another. One day they may realize their dreams have come true and wonder why they didn’t do anything to help.

I’m a child of the Sixties.  As civil rights activist, Eldridge Cleaver, said,

If You Aren’t Part Of The Solution You’re Part Of The Problem. 

best, Larry

PS, Please do join our campaign. Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Hancock, Madison, Monroe, Hamilton, … — they all risked their lives to form our democracy. I’m asking you to risk your time to restore their dream — the American Dream.

Below you’ll find a list of the current list of states where we’ve completed the work or will have it completed within one or two days.

Alabama —      You can write us in.

Colorado —      We are on the ballot. You can just select our names.

Delaware —     You can write us in.

Florida —           You can write us in.

Indiana —         You can write us in.

Iowa     —          You can write us in.

Kansas —          You can write us in.

Maryland —       You can write us in.

Massachusetts — You can write us in.

Michigan —       You can write us in.

Montana  —      You can write us in.

Nebraska —      You can write us in.

New Hampshire — You can write us in.

New Jersey —    You can write us in.

Pennsylvania — You can write us in.

Rhode Island — You can write us in.

Utah      —          You can write us in.

Vermont  —       You can write us in.

Washington State — You can write us in.

West Virginia — You can write us in.

Wyoming       —  You can write us in.



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