Only 6 People Can Be Elected President in November. Guess Who They Are?

I was recently interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, which suggested that 1,800 people are running for President as write-in candidates. What the reporter didn’t realize is that unless you are officially registered in the very large number of states that require write-in candidate registration, your write-in votes will not be counted. In short, Mickey Mouse is not running for President.

By my reckoning, I’m the only write-in candidate who is engaging in the extremely arduous and expensive task of becoming a registered write-in candidate in all the states in which this is possible. These states represent roughly 90 percent of the electors in the electoral college. I may have this wrong. But my campaign has been in touch with election commissions in states around the country and this is the very strong impression we’ve received.

Assuming I’ve got this right, there are only six people who can actually be elected President on November 8th.

They are

Laurence Kotlikoff

Evan McMullin

Gary Johnson

Jill Stein

Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump

One of these six appears mentally ill.  One is mistrusted and disliked by a majority of Americans for a long list of excellent reasons. One believes we don’t need government. One believes we don’t need the private sector. One has sound bites for policy positions. He also says he’ll be on the ballot, but he’s too late to make the ballot in 27 states.

The one at the top is an economist. He’s pretty well known. He’s been ranked among the 25 most influential economists in the world  according to The Economist Magazine. He’s also a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and a NY Times best selling author. He’s written books on banking, healthcare, Social Security, and taxes. He’s spent years studying the determinants of economic growth. He’s advised governments around the world. He has a small personal financial planning software business in addition to servicing full time as a professor. So he knows a ton about the challenges of small business.

The one at the top spent five months writing a book, which you can download at this site and forward. However, be warned. It’s very scary because it tells you something you haven’t heard — the truth about where our country actually stands.

But the book also offers extremely simple solutions — postcard length — to our problems. The one at the top also makes clear exactly how he’d  deal with national security threats.

It’s your choice.

You can choose someone who no Republican leader of character will endorse, whose supporters are deserting him in droves and who is dropping in the polls. You can choose someone who the FBI Director declared “careless with national security” and who is recommending things that will move the country backwards, not forwards. You can support someone who missed the on-the-ballot boat and can’t, therefore, get elected. Or you can vote for someone (by writing, in the spaces provided on your ballot, Laurence Kotlikoff for President and Edward Leamer for Vice President) who makes it a habit of telling you the truth, who understands, as a professional economist, what’s wrong with our country, and knows, as a professional economist, how to fix things.

Do your homework. Read the book. Forward the book. Donate. Join our campaign.

Your future and your children’s future are at stake.

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