Campaign Update — Media Interest is Heating Up!

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to the great efforts of our volunteers, Ed and I are making great progress getting formally registered as write-in candidates in all the states where that can be done.

I was on the John Batchelor radio show last night discussing the campaign and John asked me to appear again for many weeks to come.

I have a column coming out, probably on Monday, with CNBC about my position on fixing Social Security and how it differs from the Social Security policies of Trump and Clinton.

CNBC asked me to continue writing weekly columns for them about my campaign positions and how they differ from those of Trump and Clinton. They get enormous viewership.

I recently posted a debate on Healthcare with Trump and Clinton on both Forbes and The Huffington Post.  (It appears on this site under Blogs.)

The Detroit Free Press will likely run a story next week on the campaign.

A top writer for The New Republic and other top media outlets will likely run an article next week on our campaign.

I’ll be discussing the campaign on Bloomberg TV at 6:30 AM with Tom Keene this Tuesday.

The two top German newspapers and the top Australian newspaper wrote about the campaign this week.  The top Danish newspaper wrote about the campaign last week.

Here’s the point I’ve been pushing this week with the press.

I’m the only actual write-in candidate in the country.

The reason is that other write-in candidates either aren’t registered or aren’t registered in enough states to win the election. Only registered write-in candidates have their votes counted.

This week we got onto the ballot in Louisiana and registered as write-in candidates in five more states.

We are now working on Arizona, and Connecticut. If you are registered to vote in Arizona or Connecticut and are willing to serve as an elector in the Electoral College should I become President, please send an email to and we’ll send you instructions.

Please forward the urls to my latest blogs and the url to all your contacts and ask them to do the same.

Warm regards, Larry






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