Millennials — Take Charge Of This Election and Your Future! You Have Just 3 Choices.

Dear Millennials,

The Presidential election is yours to win or lose.  You can elect someone who will help you or you can elect someone who will hurt you. It’s that simple.

As a group you have enormous political strength. You are 100 million-strong and the most connected generation in history.

I’m 65. I’m a Baby Boomer.  When we Boomers were your age, we stood up as a group and put an end to the Vietnam War.

It’s time for your generation to stand up as a group and decide which of three people you want to deal or not deal with our nation’s grave growth, tax, climate-change, education, banking, healthcare, Social Security, inequality, and national security problems.

All of these problems are your problems — problems that matter to your welfare and that of your children.

Here are your three options.

You can pick a self-serving politician named Clinton, who wants to perpetuate the failed policies of the past.

You can pick a demagogue named Trump, who vast numbers of his own party view as totally unfit to be President.

Or you can pick an internationally respected economist who tells the truth, understands what’s wrong, and knows how to fix things.

That’s it — just three choices.

Yes, the Libertarian and Green parties have their candidates. But people who fervently believe we need drastically less government or people who fervently believe we need drastically more government are not going to win election. What we need is not more government, where it’s wasteful, or less government, when it’s needed, but functional government — government that actually does its job.

Oh, yes, there is a sixth candidate — former CIA-agent, Evan McMullin, who recently announced his candidacy.  But McMullin is too late to get on the ballot in more than half the states and is not, to my knowledge, registering as a write-in candidate.

Unlike the other candidates, I’m running as a registered write-in candidate. Only registered write-in candidates have their votes counted. I am the only real write-in candidate in the country because I’m the only write-in candidate who is registering across the country.

In short, I’m the only candidate standing between Clinton or Trump and your future well being. This is why are campaign is attracting more and more national and, indeed, international medial attention. 

Electing me President and electing my running mate, UCLA economist, Edward Leamer, Vice President, requires doing something incredibly simple. You just need to write these nine words on your ballot in the spaces provided.

Laurence Kotlikoff for President

Edward Leamer for Vice President

It’s your choice.

You can do what the Democratic Party tells you to do.

You can do what the Republican Party tells you to do.

Or you can do your homework, read the free book, blogs and press articles posted on this site.

As the book will tell, the politicians are

  1. Dumping $200 trillion in debt in your laps when you put all the bills they’ve kept off the books on the books.
  2. Leaving you a climate that can put NY, Miami, LA, and all other costal U.S. cities six feet under water in your lifetime.
  3. Perpetuating a byzantine fiscal system the leaves many, particularly the poor, with absolutely no incentive to work.
  4. Maintaining a personal income tax that permits the super rich to pay no income taxes whatsoever.
  5. Running a corporate income tax that minimizes tax collections, maximizes job loss, and hurts workers less than the rich.
  6. Running a crazy-complex Social Security System that is dead broke and planning to renege on the benefits it owes you.
  7. Running a healthcare system that still leaves tens of millions uninsured and is collapsing thanks to its terrible design.
  8. Rebuilding a banking system with maximum leverage and opacity, which can fail again at even larger cost.
  9. Underinvesting in basic research and letting our nation’s infrastructure deteriorate to the point of collapse.
  10. Letting North Korea test missiles that will soon be able to deliver rocket-read nuclear bombs anywhere in the country.

This is a partial list. It you want to fully understand how badly the politicians are damaging your future and precisely what needs to be done to fix it, do your homework — Read the Book!

Once you’ve done so, please follow this simple action plan.

Forward the url,, to everyone you know and tell them to forward the url to everyone they know with instructions to keep the chain going.

Donate to our campaign and volunteer to work for our campaign.

If you Millennials truly want to fix America, then stand up. Stand up as a group and use your incredible strength to elect the only person who can actually beat both Clinton and Trump, who has the expertise to really fix our country, and who genuinely cares about your future.





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