What Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto, Should Have Told Trump — Apologize or Get Lost!

Donald Trump has insulted Mexicans and, by extension, all Hispanics since the start of his campaign. His trip to Mexico and subsequent speech in Phoenix shows Mr. Trump for what he is — a coward as well as a racist. If he wanted to insult Mexico and its people yet again, he should have had the guts to do so to their face, not play nice and hurl more insults hours later when he was safely on U.S. soil.

Had I been President Nieto, I would have told Mr. Trump at their public exchange that he owes Mexico and its people an apology and that if he failed to deliver it here and now he would not be permitted back in the country whether or not he was elected President. Had Trump not apologized, I would have ask him to leave the country immediately — that a car was waiting to take him to the airport and that a private plan was waiting to fly him home. Then I would have walked off the stage.

At some point, someone needs to treat Trump with the proper degree of respect, which is no respect. Hillary Clinton should heed this advice and refuse to debate Trump. She is under no obligation to debate a bigot. Doing so elevates his bigotry as well as his pretense to being remotely qualified to serve as President.

I’m hardly a fan of Clinton. I think she too lacks essential qualities needed in the next President, starting with integrity, a rudimentary understanding of economics, a real platform for fixing America, and the backbone needed to immediately end our greatest national security threat – missile testing of any kind by any means by North Korea and long-range missile testing by Iran.

But Clinton is a grown up and Trump is not. And adults don’t debate children, especially spoiled children who throw temper tantrums. If Clinton wants to have a mature, respectful debate, I’m available.

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