We Need To Impose and Militarily Enforce A Nuclear Test Ban On North Korea

Today North Korea detonated a 10 kiloton nuclear bomb. The Hiroshima nuclear bomb that killed roughly 100,000 people within seconds measured 15 kilotons. The tested bomb may have been one of North Korea’s missile-ready miniaturized warheads, which they first developed in 2013.

I’m the only Presidential candidate who has called for a militarily-enforced immediate end to any and all missile testing by North Korea. Today, I want to publicly call for a militarily-enforced immediate end to the testing of nuclear bombs by North Korea.

If I am elected President I would, on my first day in office, request a resolution from Congress authorizing the President to use our military to enforce these bans by destroying North Korean nuclear facilities, missile launching pads, and submarines upon the first indication that bomb or missile testing was being planned or conducted.

I also call on President Obama as well as my opponents, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, to adopt this policy subject to the approval of Congress. We cannot leave our children under threat of mass annihilation by deranged people who openly seek our destruction.

To be clear, we have spent over 35 years trying to reason with the North Koreans. We have sought and the United Nations has passed resolutions banning North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons. The UN has also imposed economic sanctions to enforce the ban.

But patience, time, and economic sanctions have not worked. North Korea is actively testing both bombs and missiles, of all ranges. We can no longer afford to hope for North Korea to see reason. We can no longer expect economic sanctions, including a naval blockade, to change North Korea’s policy. We can no longer afford to wait because each day we wait the risk to our country and our allies rises. Nor can we sit back and leave our children to bear an even larger risk than is now the case. We must act and we must act now. North Korea understands only one language. We need to speak that language.



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