Jon Stewart — You Can Save Us From Both Trump and Clinton With Seven Magic Words

Dear Jon,

People gravitate to you because you see, report, and explain the truth, not just because you are wickedly funny.

The truth, as you know, is that our country is in a terrible quandary. The two parties have dished up Presidential candidates that few really like and many deeply hate.

To paraphrase former Secretary of State and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Colin Powell’s email comments,  one candidate is a racist, a liar, a con artist, a demagogue, an international pariah, and a national disgrace. The other candidate is greedy, power hungry, incompetent, arrogant, dishonest, and offers only déjà vu.

This is no time for politics as usual, let alone politics at its worst. The country has grave domestic and foreign policy challenges. They need to be fixed, immediately.

That’s why, as you can see at, I’m running for President as a registered write-in candidate. You’ll also see that I’m a economics professor at Boston University, a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a small business owner, a public policy expert, someone with decades of domestic and international policy experience interacting with top U.S. and foreign officials, a NY Times best selling author, someone who has lived and traveled extensively abroad, and, according to The Economist Magazine, one of the world’s 25 most influential economists.

In short, I’m not Mickey Mouse. Neither am I John Kennedy. I’m just one of the very large number of Americans who is qualified to serve as President, doesn’t come with a supersized ego or a wagon train full of baggage, and has commonsense, concrete solutions to the problems we face.

My background, including my 18 books and hundreds of articles and op eds on economics and policy reform, explains why The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, The Boston Globe, PBS, NPR, Money, Forbes, CNBC, Newsmax, The Houston Chronicle, The Dallas Morning News, Politico, Ozy, the Austin American, and many other U.S. and international media have covered my campaign. No other Presidential write-in candidate in postwar history has received this degree  of media attention.

Jon, this media coverage notwithstanding, you may not have heard about my candidacy. And if you have, you  may not know that I’m the only real write-in candidate in the race.

Only registered write-in candidates have their votes counted. And I’m the only write-in candidate who has registered nationwide.

Consequently, I’m one of only five, possibly six people who can legally be elected President in November. Voting for me is no different from voting for Clinton or Trump apart from writing Laurence Kotlikoff for President in the space provided on the ballot.

The big difference in voting for me is what you’d get. Unlike any of the other candidates, each of whom is offering sound bites, I have developed, in consultation with economists around the country, a set of simple (postcard length) plans to reform, from the ground up, our tax system, healthcare system, Social Security system, banking system, education system, and climate policy. These reforms represent a new New Deal, which would jump start our ailing economy and ensure long-run fiscal solvency.

Yes, economists are people who are good with numbers, but don’t have the personality to be actuaries. But we are trained to fix economic problems and to think strategically, including when it comes to national security matters. And if you leave aside the political economists who work for the politicians and are, in the main, simply mouthpieces for the politicians, economists strongly agree on what needs to be done.

This is no time for amateur hour when it comes to economic and foreign policy. The hole the politicians have dug for ourselves and for our children is far too deep. The threats from abroad are far too great. And the hour for changing course and fixing America is far too late. Simply put, we need a grown up in office who cares more about the next generation than the next election.

Jon, I’m writing you as one grownup to another. I writing to ask you to do your due diligence on my candidacy and if you like what you see, publicly convey these seven words.

I’m Writing In Laurence Kotlikoff for President

Here’s why I’m making this request.

First, I think you’ll decide I’m your candidate.

Second, people of all political persuasions respect you — for very good reason. You call BS no matter its source

Third, we Americans like to vote in packs. In endorsing my candidacy you will permit millions of other Americans to vote for me because they know millions of others, influenced by you, will be voting for me. Yes, you have that big an impact.

Fourth, most of Trump’s “supporters” know he’s a very dangerous crackpot. Yet they can’t, for good reason, stomach Clinton. Trump’s supporters need an option, but one they can take knowing they are doing so collectively. Your 7 magic words will let them flip their support from Trump to me.

Fifth, your 7 words will flip traditional and social media’s attention, full force, in my direction. This will take the spotlight off Trump and Clinton and turn it onto the issues, since I’m not into small talk.

Sixth, your 7 words will get prominent Republicans, like Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, George Will, William Kristol, David Brooks, and … to follow your lead and endorse my candidacy.

Seventh, within a few weeks, Dump Trump will be in full swing as most Republicans adopt me as their Republican notwithstanding my being an independent.

Eighth, once Trump has clearly been dumped by Republicans, your 7 words will flip tens of millions of Democrats and independents who question Clinton’s competency, integrity, and leadership to my candidacy.

Jon, I regret putting you and others with large followings, like Secretary Powell, on the spot. But I can’t do what you can do. I can’t get millions of people to listen to me with a single tweet. Nor do I have a billion dollars to get the word out. I need your help. Scratch that. Your children, my children, and everyone’s else’s children need your help. And that help consists of something as easy as apple pie — pronouncing those 7 magic words.

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