Will Trump Be Arrested Before The Election? Trump Supporters, Had Enough? I’m YOUR Man.

When you steal, including from your own foundation, you are committing a crime. On September 20th, the Washington Post detailed all manner of self-dealing between Trump and his “charitable” foundation. This includes using his foundation to pay his debts, pay his fines, make what appears to be an illegal bribe made to the Florida Attorney General to avoid scrutiny into Trump “University,” and buy art work and other personal property that he retained and that had no value to his charity. One major expenditure included a life sized portrait of? You guessed it — his brilliance, the Donald.

The Daily Beast also reports that Trump handed out Trump Foundation checks to veterans groups at his rallies. That too can be illegal especially if the veterans groups were chosen based on their promised support of Trump.

According to the Post, Trump has used over a quarter of a million dollars from the Trump Foundation for “personal,” read illegal, purposes. If all the money being handed out by Trump’s Foundation reflected money contributed by Trump, the situation might be less acute. But Trump hasn’t contributed to his Foundation for years. Instead, he’s rounded up other contributors. Hence, he is misappropriating other peoples’ charitable contributions for purposes they didn’t intend. Furthermore, in running his Foundation as if it was his personal piggy bank, he surely violated its tax-free status. So he is also, no doubt, in major trouble with the IRS.

Could Trump be arrested in the near term and be forced to watch the election from jail? If federal and state legal authorities are doing their jobs, that seems highly plausible. Yes, he could make bail, but a federal judge could well view him a flight risk. After all, he has his own plane and a safe haven — Russia.

If you are a supporter of Trump and like most supporters of Trump like him because you hate him less than you hate Clinton, you have an option. I’m the only real write-in candidate for President in the country. That’s because I’m registered nationwide and if you aren’t so registered (and no one else is), your votes won’t get counted. You can simply write, in the space provided, Laurence Kotlikoff for President and Edward Leamer for Vice President on your ballot. Equally important, you can spread my website to all your fellow Trump supporters so you won’t be voting on your own. If enough Trump supporters flip to me, the vast majority will follow along because none of us wants to waste her vote.

I’m not asking you to support me sight unseen. I want you to read everything I’ve posted on my website to be sure I’m your man. I think you’ll find I’m what you’re after in a President. The same holds for Democrats.

Democrats, if you know Trump supporters, tell them to go to www.kotlikoff2016.com. This is the best way to defeat Trump — Split the Republican Vote!  But, full disclosure, I’m running against Clinton too. So once large numbers of Republicans switch their allegiance from Trump to me, I will do everything I can to persuade you and other Democrats to vote for me as well.

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