George Will and Hank Paulson — Please Endorse My Candidacy And Help Me Save Our Children

Dear George and Hank,

We aren’t close friends, but we have met and respect one another.

I’m writing you publicly because I don’t have any other way to contact you. I hope someone who has direct contact with you will point you to this open letter if you don’t see it on your own.

Much of the Press, particularly the Washington Post and the New York Times, has done it’s best to suppress these facts:

  • I’m running for President as a write-in candidate. My campaign website is
  • Only registered write-in candidates have their votes counted.
  • I’m the only nationally registered write-in candidate.
  • I’m one of only six people who can legally be elected President in November.
  • Writing me and my VP candidate (UCLA economist, Edward Leamer) requires writing four words — Laurence Kotlikoff in the space on the ballot for write-in Presidential candidates and Edward Leamer in the space on the ballot for Vice Presidential candidate.
  • The American public can write four words.
  • I am not Donald Trump. Nor am I Hillary Clinton.
  • I’m running because I have simple, effective, and specific plans for fixing taxes, healthcare, Social Security, banking, education, immigration, and climate change. I also have clear ideas on dealing with North Korea and our other foreign policy challenges.
  • I’m far from the only person who is more qualified than both Clinton and Trump to serve as President. And I’m far from the most qualified of such people. But at this point, I’m the only option our country has apart from Clinton and Trump.

Hence, I’m asking you to publicly endorse my candidacy. You have considerable influence and your endorsement will produce a snowball effect. I realize that your greatest fear is Trump’s election. But endorsing me will ensure his defeat because it will split the Republican vote. Unlike the Democrats, most Republicans are dying for an alternative because they realize that a Clinton Presidency is almost as dangerous as a Trump Presidency, albeit in different ways. Once Republicans flip en mass toward my candidacy, independents and Democrats will follow.

I’m asking you to take this step not as a favor to me, but out of devotion to our country, particularly our children and grandchildren.

My best, Larry

3 comments on “George Will and Hank Paulson — Please Endorse My Candidacy And Help Me Save Our Children

  1. October 3, 2016 Steve

    Have they endorsed anyone?

  2. October 4, 2016 M L

    What are the rules for writing your name in in Georgia? Is it your first and last name, just your last name? Do you have to write in your VP’s name and his full name? Please let me know.

    • October 8, 2016 Daniel Smith


      Laurence Kotlikoff
      Edward Leamer

      and get all of your friends to do the same!


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