Wash Post’s Aaron Blake — Here’s A Far Better Story Than What You Wrote Today

Dear Aaron,

I read your Washington Post article today. Yes, you are a very fine writer. Yes, it’s full of interesting fact. But, Aaron, come on. It’s just another of a long list of articles that political reporters like you have written, which all say the same thing.

No one really wants Trump or Clinton. Everyone wants an alternative. 

Aaron, I’m a real alternative. Please go to www.kotlikoff2016.com.  As you’ll see, I’m one of only six people who can legally be elected in November.

Yes, I’m running as a write-in candidate, but as a nationally registered write-in candidate. Only registered write-in candidates get their votes counted. I’m the only write-in candidate who is registered nation-wide.

Consequently, I’m our country’s only real write-in Presidential candidate. And, my running mate, UCLA economist, Edward Leamer, is our country’s only real write-in Vice Presidential candidate. 

Now Aaron, you and your colleagues at the Washington Post may think that the public is too stupid to write these nine words on their ballots:

Laurence Kotlikoff for President

Edward Leamer for Vice President

But they aren’t too stupid. And it’s incredibly arrogant of you and your colleagues to presume this.

If you don’t know at this point that I’m running for President as the only real write-in candidate and that voting for me differs from voting for Trump or Clinton only in terms of how our names are printed (by machine or by hand) on the ballot, you haven’t been doing your homework. As you can see at www.kotlikoff2016.com, other reporters have been doing their’s.

The Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe, Bloomberg News, Bloomberg TV, BusinessWeek, the Dallas Morning News, CNBC, PBS, NPR, Yahoo, the Houston Chronicle, the Detroit News, the Austin American, Money, Forbes, the John Batchelor Show, Investment News, Seeking Alpha, Oxy, and even top foreign papers, particularly Die Welt, Newsmax, the Frankfurter Allgemeine, the Australian, and Jyllands-Posten — they have all figured out I’m running for President and written about it. So why not Aaron Blake?

You can, of course, continue to ignore my candidacy and re-write the same story. Or you can write about a real alternative who is a) not mentally deranged, b) knows the names of foreign leaders, c) know all about Aleppo, d) has never lied under oath to a Congressional Committee, e) has never used a non-profit charity to bribe a public official, f) has never stolen from a non-profit charity, g) has never risked our nation’s security for his personal convenience, h) has never invited the Russians to invade the Baltics, i) has never flipped his position on trade to garner political support, j) who isn’t repulsive to over half the country, k) who has very simple and specific ways to fix our domestic and international problems, and l) is actually qualified to serve as President.

Aaron, I apologize for calling you out. But you and all the other reporters at the Washington Post are doing the country a major disservice in boycotting my candidacy.

And, no, you can’t justify your behavior on the basis that no write-in candidate has ever been elected President. No write-in candidate has ever been nationally registered. So no write-in candidate could, by definition, ever have been elected. Stated differently, you have no evidence about the electability of a nationally registered Presidential candidate because I’m the very first such candidate!

Second, you can’t justify your boycott based on my not showing up in the polls. The polls aren’t including my name. If they did and the press reported I had no support, my name would spread. In the next poll you’d see significant support. And in the one after that you’d see major support.

Third, the press doesn’t just report the news. It makes the news. Your article today helped lower, perhaps dramatically, Johnson and Stein’s chances of election. And your failure to reference my candidacy reduced my chances to garner major and continual national press coverage.

I’m an economist. I know some game theory. We have here a situation of multiple equilibrium — multiple outcomes that can arise. You and others in the press are coordinating people to believe Clinton and Trump are the only two possibilities. But if you and others started writing about my campaign, you’ll flip that belief overnight.

Finally, Aaron, your job as a journalist requires being fair and unbiased. If there are 6 people in the country who can legally be elected President, you have an obligation to mention all 6, not just the ones you and your buddies have decided are it.



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  1. October 31, 2016 Samual

    Thank you, nice read.


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