New Poll – Kotlikoff Beats Trump 15 to 1 Among German Economists!

The CESifo research center in Munich, Germany’s top economics research center, just polled German economists across Germany on who’d they’d vote for in the U.S. election.

Trump received 1 percent of the votes, Stein 2 percent, Johnson 3 percent, Kotlikoff 15 percent, and Clinton 74 percent.

This is the first poll in which America’s first economist to run for President and only real write-in candidate has been included.

I and my VP, Ed Leamer, are the only write-in candidates registered nationwide and only registered write-in candidates have their votes counted) .

No U.S. Presidential poll has included the name “Kotlikoff” in their list of candidates — this despite the fact that I am one of only 5 candidates who can legally be elected.  (This figure may be 6. It’s not clear if Evan McMullin can legally be elected given his failures to a) get on most ballots and b) register in time in key states as a write-in candidate).

Were I included in this week’s polling, my guess is I’d receive very little support. But were my named mentioned in the press alongside the other candidates, the public would start checking out our campaign’s positions and the following week my poll numbers would rise.

There are less than five weeks left before November 8th. Let me go on record in publicly requesting that all pollsters include my name in their Presidential polls.

Let me also ask everyone who cares about our country’s future to read the platform book posted at as well as the blogs and take my candidacy seriously. Do this for yourselves and your children. Don’t do this for me.

It’s clear that Trump hasn’t the maturity, common sense, or temperament to run the country. Nor does he have an inkling of our true policy problems or how to fix them. And when it comes to confronting our foreign adversaries, he is, like most school yard bullies, a coward at heart.

As for Clinton, she is a stick figure who won’t embarrass the country, but also has no apparent handle on our country’s fiscal condition, no real plans to fundamentally reform any of our failed institutions, no conception of how to fix Wall Street, no ability to work with Republicans and no backbone when it comes to confronting our greatest national security threat — North Korea.

Our country will survive a Clinton Presidency, but it will be a do-nothing Presidency that will culminate with an even weaker economy, an even more insolvent government, and adversaries with the means of delivering nuclear weapons to every American’s doorstep.

If you are reading this and fear, as I do, both of these candidates, you need to take action. Please use every minute you can spare to spread word of our campaign and its website and to encourage every person with whom you can connect to write Laurence Kotlikoff for President and Edward Leamer for Vice President on the ballot on November 8th.




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