Millennials –Take A Stand Or Get Screwed! Your Choice


There are three people that can realistically be elected President on November 8th.

Two of the three — Clinton and Trump — were force fed on us all by the extreme wings of the two parties. Neither was chosen by more than 14 percent of eligible voters.

I’m the third person. I’m the only nationally registered write-in candidate in the country. I’m an independent.

If you haven’t heard of me, please go to and read about my candidacy.

The Press, as a group, has done its best to keep my candidacy a secret. They apparently think that you and the rest of America’s voters are too stupid to write four words — Laurence Kotlikoff and Edward Leamer (UCLA’s premier economist and my VP pick) on your ballot in the spaces provided.

Or the Press doesn’t understand that only registered write-in candidates get their votes counted. Instead, they think everyone running as a write-in is Mickey Mouse.

Frankly, I’d rather have Mickey than Donald or Hillary running the country. But Mickey is not a real write-in candidate because he’s not registered anywhere let alone in enough states to win enough electors to actually be elected.

You Have One Candidate In Your Corner

I’m writing using unusually strong language because the hour is late and the dangers your generation face are acute. Whether the Press thinks you are too dumb or whether the Press is itself too dumb, I can’t say. What I do know is that you have one and only one candidate in this election who’s actually in your corner and has been in your corner for decades.

You are reading the words of someone who wrote or co-wrote the following three books — Generational Accounting, The Coming Generational Storm, and The Clash of Generations.

Each of these books is about the manner and degree to which your generation is being screwed by my generation and generations that proceeded mine.

The Real Truth 

I know all about the financial problems you face. I know about your crappy jobs, your great difficulty finding jobs, your humongous student debt, your massive out-of-pocket healthcare costs, all the taxes you already have to pay and the un-winnable wars we’ve forced you to fight.

But I also know all about the financial problems you have yet to face thanks to pass-the-generational buck — the generational Ponzi scheme our government has been running for six decades straight. It works like this, we take taxes from you, give that money to oldsters to spend, and mollify you with promises of future benefits that we can’t pay. And by using the words “taxes” and future “transfer payments” we keep all our future obligations to you off the books.

If you put everything on the books, which is what every sensible economist advocates, you find that our government’s debt is not $20 trillion, but $206 trillion! Yes, it’s 10 times larger than what the politicians, including Clinton and Trump, have told you.

The $206 trillion is the present value of all future spending less all future taxes as projected by the Congressional Budget Office.

How does one wrap her/his head around $206 trillion, when annual U.S. GDP is less than $20 trillion. Here’s the bottom line.

Uncle Sam is dead broke. And who will have to pay the $206 trillion?The answer, in large part, is Millennials!

My generation is not only leaving you with a tax bill that far exceeds your capacity to pay. We’ve also left you with a second-rate education, a healthcare system that’s imploding, a Social Security System that’s insolvent, a banking system that is riskier than ever, a climate that is on the verge of tipping with unfathomable consequences, and a nuclear-armed North Korea that will shortly be able to deliver nuclear missiles to your doorstep.

Whose Talking About Your Issues

I’m the only candidate who’s screaming about the fiscal gap and has a plan to eliminate it.

I’m the only candidate with a simple and fool-proof fix for healthcare that gives everyone a basic plan for free.

I’m the only candidate who wants to freeze the existing Social Security system and set up a modern one for you and all other workers.

I’m the only candidate who wants to immediately implement an $80 per cubic ton on CO2 emissions.

I’m the only candidate who realizes that our current climate policy is worse than nothing since it tells dirty energy producers to use it or lose it. This is precisely what they are doing and it’s producing the opposite of what we want — a fast rather than a slow burn of fossil fuels.

I’m the only candidate who would militarily enforce an immediate ban on North Korean nuclear weapons and missile testing, but also offer the North Koreans full normalization of relations.

I’m the only candidate who will let all students borrow for college and advanced degrees as well as refinance their existing student loans at the long-term government bond rate.

I’m the only candidate who has a tax reform that will make the super rich actually pay their fair share.

I’m the only candidate who will ensure that everyone has the same incentive to work rather than having half the population, particularly the poor, face astronomically high marginal tax rates not just through the tax system, but also via the loss in benefits from higher earnings.

I’m the only candidate who knows precisely how to jump start the economy via vastly increased investment.

And this list, as you’ll read at, goes on.

Are You Going To Collectively Stand Up Or Are You Going To Sit Back And Get Further Screwed?

I said at the top that I have a realistic chance to be elected President and to save your futures. I said that because I believe in you. I believe you will do your homework, read my platform, look at my blogs, spread my candidacy via social media, and write me and Ed in on election day.

To be clear. I’m not running just to help Millennials. But I know you Millennials and your younger siblings and your children have the most at stake in this election.

I also know that you are one hell of a powerful political group if you choose to be. But if you let my generation and those even older call the shots, watch out. You will be thoroughly taken to the cleaners.

Bottom Line 

I’ve done my job. I wrote a 157-page book for you to read to learn the truth about how you are being treated and why the country isn’t working. I worked all summer with my campaign team to register as a write-in candidate across the country. I and my campaign staff cajoled  the Press endless times to write about my campaign (and the better ones did). And I’ve written a ton of blogs and op eds to discuss the issues and get out the word.

But now it’s your turn. Now it’s your time to make a difference to your own future and to the future of our country. You can sit back and say it’s all hopeless and let the two parties pick someone who will further jeopardize your lives and those of your children. Or you can pick up the ball and run with it, which means working like hell over the next month to get everyone you know or can recruit to write Laurence Kotlikoff and Edward Leamer on their ballots on November 8th.

That’s my realistic chance — you, the Millennials.



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