Republicans — Forget Trump/Pence, Write In Kotikoff/Leamer

Republicans, you’ve finally had enough and are deserting Trump, the misogynist, narcissist, racist, serial liar, and first-class ignoramus, in droves.

Now it’s time to understand who can legally be elected and decide who you want to support.

Trump is not going to resign. His ego won’t permit it. Yes, you could reconvene the Republican convention and formally vote to replace Trump with Pence. But absentee voting has already begun. It’s unthinkable at this point to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters, many of whom surely voted for Trump.

You can vote for Gary Johnson, but he’s repeatedly demonstrated a level of incompetence that’s almost as dazzling as Trump’s. Imagine running for President and not knowing the name of a single foreign leader. Imagine knowing so little about Syria that the name Aleppo produces a blank stare. Imagine equating Syrian deaths caused by Barshar Al-Assad and the West. The list goes on but I’ll stop there. Even Johnson’s VP candidate, Bill Weld, has stopped supporting him.

Jill Stein? I don’t think she’s your cup of tea.

Hillary Clinton? You’ve stuck with Trump this long for a clear reason — you can’t stomach Clinton and realize that her election will simply accelerate America’s economic decline and further imperil our national security.

Evan McMullin, the man who missed the bell? It’s not clear he’s even running given the small number of states in which he’s registered either as a ballot or as a write-in candidate. Nor has he articulated a single sensible let alone specific policy to address any of our grave domestic and foreign challenges.

Anyone else?

There is indeed. I’m running as a nationally registered write-in candidate — the nation’s only such write-in candidate –together with my running mate, UCLA economist, Edward Leamer.

It’s now time for Republicans to do their homework at This entails learning who we are, what we stand for, and how we propose to fix America and deal with our adversaries.

It’s also time for Republicans as well as much of the press to realize that a) only registered write-in candidates have their votes counted, b) that no other write-in candidates are registered in enough states to receive a majority in the electoral college and legally be elected President and Vice President, and c) voting for us entails simply writing Laurence Kotlikoff and Edward Leamer on the ballot in the spaces provides.

Like Ed, I’m an economist — a professor of economics at Boston University. I’m a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. I have worked for four decades on public policy issues. I have extensive experience working on policy with foreign leaders across the globe — from Presidents and Prime Ministers on down. I’ve testified to Congress 19 times on numerous topics. I’ve worked at the Council of Economics Advisors and consulted for the Office of Management and Budget and spent time at the Federal Reserve. I’ve also consulted on numerous occasions with The World Bank and the IMF and served as an Economics Fellow with the Bank of England. I’ve written books and articles and op eds on fiscal policy, tax reform, banking reform, healthcare reform, Social Security reform, climate policy, and many other policy topics. I also have a small business and understand first hand what challenges face our country’s small business in getting off the ground and trying to grow.  Finally, I’m a devoted husband, father and son (mom is 97 this week!)

Republicans, please do your homework at Please carefully consider our candidacy. Please spread the word about our campaign. And please write-us in on November 8th.

You children and grandchildren will thank you.


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