Senator Crapo — Not Voting Is Voting For Clinton. Write Me In!

Dear Senator Crapo,

I deeply respect your courageous decision to publicly withdrawal your support of Donald Trump

But not voting is no option. Neither is voting for Clinton. Yes, Clinton is mentally stable. But her policies will fix nothing fundamental and exacerbate our nation’s ongoing economic decline and national security risks.

Senator, I’m asking you to do your homework at and, if you agree with the majority of my policy proposals, publicly announce you will write me in.

I think my platform is much closer to your views than those of any of the four people left who can legally be elected President.

Senator, I’m one of those four. I’m a nationally registered write-in candidate. (To be precise, I’m on the ballot in LA and CO.) Only registered write-in candidates have their votes counted. So, for example, your writing in Mike Pence for President in Idaho will mean your vote will be completely ignored.

You and other Republicans are in tough shape. You need to direct your supporters to vote for a Presidential candidate other than Clinton. Otherwise, they may simply vote the straight Democratic ticket or simply stay home on Election Day.

Senator Crapo, Let me be your Republican for this election. Not only will you like what I’m proposing. I think you’ll agree that I’m the only qualified candidate left standing between Hillary Clinton and the American people.

With these seven words, “I’m writing in Laurence Kotlikoff for President,” you can flip the entire Republican Party in my direction and lead them to something far closer to your party’s promised land.

All yours, Larry



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