Senator Murkowski — I’m Your Nationally Registered Write-In Candidate For President!

Dear Senator Murkowski,

I’m an economist at Boston University, a Fellow of the American Academy, and a small business owner. I’m also running for President as a nationally registered write-in candidate. (Actually, I’m on the ballot in LA and CO.) As you know, only registered write-in candidates have their votes counted.

My candidacy has received far more press attention than any write-in candidacy in the history of the country.  Still much of the press has boycotted my candidacy because they don’t believe write-in candidates can win election. Since you won election to the Senate as a write-in candidate, you know that view is highly misinformed.

Senator, I deeply respect your decision to publicly disavow Donald Trump. But not voting is no option. Neither is voting for Clinton. Yes, Clinton is an adult. But her policies will fix nothing fundamental and exacerbate our nation’s ongoing economic decline and put our country at greater risk from North Korea and other adversaries.

Senator, I’m publicly asking you to ask you to review my platform at and if you agree with most, if not all of my proposals, please publicly announce you will write me in. I think my policy positions are much closer to your views than those of any of the other 3 or 4 non-Trump, non-Clinton candidates who can, at this point, be legally elected President.

Donald Trump has done his best to destroy the Republican Party. Republican leaders, like you, need to direct your supporters to vote for a Presidential candidate other than Trump and Clinton. Otherwise, they may stay home on Election Day.

Senator Murkowski, I’m an Independent. But I’m happy to be your Republican for this election. With these seven words, “I’m writing in Laurence Kotlikoff for President,” you can flip or help flip the entire Republican Party in my direction and get them to the polls on November 8th.

All yours, Larry

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