Secretaries of State Condoleezza Rice and James Baker, Please Endorse My Candidacy

Dear Secretaries Rice and Baker,

I’m running as a write-in candidate for President (please see But I’m not just any write in candidate. I’m a registered write-in candidate and I’m registered across all the states requiring registration.

Only registered write-in candidates have their votes counted in states requiring registration and most do require registration.

Since I’m the only nationally registered write-in candidate (at least to my knowledge), I believe I’m only one of 5 or 6 people who can legally be elected President on November 8th.

I’m an Independent, but I’m asking you to publicly endorse my candidacy by announcing you are writing me and my VP choice (UCLA economist, Edward Leamer) in on November 8th.

Secretary Baker, You’ll remember me from my speaking at the Baker Institute a number of years back. Secretary Rice, we’ve not met, but you can check me out with your economist colleagues at the Hoover Institute.

The Republican Party needs someone it can support for President. When its leaders say they aren’t going to vote for Trump, they are potentially telling their rank and file to stay home.  That will lead to a landslide for the Democrats in November.

Frankly, I’m not a fan of either party. But I don’t think having one party dominate government decisions is the best outcome. I think we need radical surgery performed by a skilled surgeon on most of the dying organs of government — taxes, Social Security, healthcare, banking, carbon policy, education, immigration, and the list goes on. The surgeon in this case needs to be an economist because we’re trained to handle these problems. I personally have been working on policy reform for decades.

I’m not claiming to be the most qualified person to lead our country. I am claiming to be far more qualified than Clinton or Trump along a host of dimension, including moral fiber.  And I’m claiming to be the best choice among this very narrow group.

I’m appealing to you both to make this public announcement on behalf of our country, but particularly on behalf of our progeny, who my platform is particularly focused on rescuing.

I believe if you or other prominent Republicans get the ball rolling, the rest of the Republican Party will follow. Support for Trump is paper thin — for excellent reason. His proper place is kindergarten, not the White House.

My public appeal may sound like a cry of desperation. It is. But it’s not a personal plea. Our country is desperate for change and desperately in need of change — but change that makes common economic sense. The country is also desperate for strong leadership to deal with our foreign adversaries.

If I had a bundle of money, the press would be all over my campaign as they were over Herman Caine’s campaign. If I had celebrity status like Trump, they’d also put my campaign front and center. But I have neither — just excellent plans, which have been well vetted by other economists, for fixing America.

So, yes, our nation is desperate and I’m desperately trying to help it. But to be clear, I’m not desperate to attain power or fame. Frankly, I could care less about either of those ephemeral objectives. I’m putting myself forward to help our country, especially the next generation.

And for this I need your help, not in three weeks, not in two week, not in a week, but right now.





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