Paul Gigot — It’s Time for the Wall Street Journal to Endorse My Candidacy

Dear Paul,

You’ll remember me from our meeting in your office with our departed dear friend, Leo Lindbeck. You’ll also recall asking me to write an op ed for the Journal on tax-reform.

Paul, as Vice President and Opinion Editor of the WSJ, you have, I know, a strong interest in avoiding a Democratic landslide in November. But that’s the likely outcome if Republicans who can’t stomach Trump simply stay home on Election day. This would mean not only Trump’s defeat (a great thing in my view), but also that both Houses of Congress are captured by the Democrats.

I’m no Republican, Paul. Frankly, I think both parties are a plague on our country. But I also think that Clinton, unfettered, is almost as dangerous as Trump. Her policies will accelerate our country’s miserable economic decline and exacerbate our national security risks.

In May, I decided to run as a nationally registered write in candidate for President. It took through yesterday to complete the very arduous state-by-state registration process. Only registered write-in candidates get their votes counted. So, for example, if you write in Pence for President in NY you’ll be whistling Dixie. Your vote for Pence will simply be ignored because Pence is not registered in NY as a write-in candidate for President.

Since I’m the only write-in candidate registered nationwide, I’m the only real write in candidate in the country, i.e., the only person that can legally be elected as a write-in candidate.

Please see my campaign website,, the considerable press I’ve received,  including a long Q&A with The Wall Street Journal, and my platform book. I believe you’ll agree with most of what I’m proposing and that my policy proposals are far better than those of Trump or Clinton.

Paul, I’m calling on you and your editorial board to publicly endorse me and encourage your readership on November 8th to go to the polls and write me in as President and write in my running mate, UCLA economist, Edward Leamer, as Vice President.

Yes, the hour is late. But your endorsement will instantly flip the entire Republican Party away from Trump and save it from its looming disaster. More important, you’ll help elect people who have the ability to work with both sides and the expertise to fix our country and keep it safe.

Many thanks, Paul, for considering this request.

My best, Larry



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