Robert Di Niro — If You Really Want to Punch Out Trump, Do It Politically. Here’s How.

Dear Mr. Di Niro,

Like millions of Americans, I’m in full agreement with the characterization of Donald Trump presented in your video.

In your video you said you want to punch out Trump physically. Punching him out politically would be much more satisfying and helpful.

There is an extremely easy way to do so, namely tell Republicans about an alternative they will prefer.

If you go to, you’ll learn that I’m that alternative. I’m an economist at Boston University, a small business owner, and an Independent. But the key thing you’ll see is that I’m running as a registered write-in candidate for President. My running mate is UCLA economist, Edward Leamer.

Only registered write-in candidates have their votes counted. Since I’m the only Presidential write-in candidate registered nationwide, I’m one of only five or six people who can legally be elected President on November 8th.

You may not have heard of me. My campaign has been covered by major U.S. and international media, but we’ve received very little coverage relative to Trump and Clinton.

In any case, I’m a pretty well know economist. I was ranked by The Economist Magazine as one of the world’s top-25 most influential economists. I’m also a NY Times best selling author. More importantly, I’ve spent my career studying our array of truly grave policy problems, domestic and foreign, and formulating very simply ways to address them. In the case of domestic reforms, I’ve consulted widely with fellow economists.

As you know, the Republicans desperately need an alternative Presidential candidate to vote for on November 8th. I’m sure they would eagerly vote for me over Trump if they were informed of my candidacy. This is where you can come in. It is in your power to at least split the Republican vote if not flip the entire Republican electorate in my direction.

All you need do is make a 30-second video that references my candidacy and tells people to go to Yes, your reach is that great and your suggestions are that persuasive. And for good reason. People have grown up with you, respect you, and trust you.

You are, as I understand it, a supporter of Clinton’s. I’m not asking you to endorse me. I’m just asking you to inform the public about my candidacy. My platform entails fundamentally changing the tax system, the healthcare system, the Social Security system, the education system, immigration policy, and carbon policy. Many of my reforms aren’t going to be appreciated by Democrats since a number of their sacred cows would be fundamentally reformed. Consequently, I don’t believe you need worry about my talking very many votes away from Clinton.

I am, of course, happy to discuss this with you in person or on the phone. But the hour is very late and the stakes, as you pointed out, are very high. Hence, I trust you will take this request very seriously.

My best,

Laurence Kotlikoff


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