McClatchyDC — Stop Using Wikipedia To Check “Facts”! You Are Using False “Facts” To Undermine Our Campaign

Alex Daugherty just did our campaign and the election process a major disservice. A reporter for McClatchyDC, Alex posted an article yesterday listing candidates who can legally receive 270 electoral votes for President on November 8th.  He did not include Kotlikoff and Leamer.

I contacted Alex who told me he based his omission on a map of states where I am registered as a write in. He found this on my Wikipedia page at the bottom.

The map is totally incorrect.

No one, let alone reporters, should use Wikipedia for their sources.

Someone, perhaps from another campaign, placed the incorrect map on my wiki page.

We are, in fact, either registered in every state or about to be registered in every state that requires write-in registration.  The one exception is North Carolina, where the requirements are very difficult to meet. Our registration documents for Missouri are now being processed and those for Wisconsin are being sent tomorrow morning express mail. Once Missouri completes its processing and the forms arrive on Tuesday in Madison, we will be able to garner all but 7 percent of the electors on November 8th were we to win in all states (except NC) requiring write-in registration, in LA and CO where we are on the ballot, and in all states that permit write-ins, but don’t require registration.

Alex, for his part, has pledged to fix his article. I’m hoping he will also run a story about our campaign to undo the damage he has caused.





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