We, The People, Must Replace The “Press” In This Election

Much of the press is failing, out of ignorance, incompetence, or intent, to report the fact that there are only 5 Presidential Candidates who can win 270 electoral votes on November 8 and that I, Laurence Kotlikoff, am one of the 5. The other 4 are Trump, Clinton, Johnson, and Stein. Evan McMullin is on the ballot in only 11 states and not registered as a write-in candidate in many large states. He does not appear able to reach 270 electoral votes under any circumstance.

I’m a nationally registered write-in candidate. I’m also officially registered with the Federal Elections Commission. Only registered write-in candidates get their votes counted. To my knowledge, I’m the only person who has ever registered across the country as a write-in candidate.

I announced my candidacy in May when I launched www.kotlikoff2016.com.  Many media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe, the Dallas Morning News, NPR, PBS, Money, CNBC, Forbes, Oxy, Bloomberg News, Bloomberg TV, BusinessWeek, … and even top foreign newspapers discussed my candidacy. But they dismissed my chances because a write-in Presidential candidate has never won. Yet if no write-in candidate ever registered nationwide, then no write in candidate has ever really run for the Presidency. If, as I believe is the case, I am the first nationally registered write-in candidate our country has ever seen, reporters stating that write in candidates have no chance were extrapolating from zero data when it comes to nationally registered write-in candidates.

Apart from the media coverage referenced above and posted at www.kotlikoff2016.com, my candidacy has been boycotted by the press. This is not a collective conspiracy. It’s a collective failure of the press to do its homework and learn about the write-in registration process and also to adhere to proper journalistic principals. These include not providing political predictions without any basis.

The only way we are going to overcome the press’ shortcomings is to substitute, via social media, our own dissemination of the political facts. That’s why I’m calling on everyone in the country, regardless of whom they support, to spread the url www.kotlikoff2016.com and make sure that everyone in the country knows that there is a real write-in alternative.

If our only nationally registered write-in candidate is ignored in this election, no one else in the future will ever do the hard work of registering nationwide as a write-in candidate. Consequently, we’ll be indefinitely force fed candidates chosen by  the two major and two minor political parties. And we’ve seen what that’s delivered.

So if you care about our democracy, please spread the url www.kotlikoff2016.com via tweets, likes, emails, word of mouth, chain email letters, anything and everything.  We need to show the press that if they can’t do their job right, we’ll do it for them.




2 comments on “We, The People, Must Replace The “Press” In This Election

  1. October 19, 2016 Joseph Smith

    I live in Texas and want to vote for you as a write in candidate. My problem is that I cannot find out how to do this. The Texas Secretary of State site does not address this possibility. The only info I can find is how to file with the state of TX to be a write in candidate. My precinct has electronic voting machines with electronic ballots.

    Perhaps others are having or will have similar issues.

    Any guidance or links will be appreciated.

    • October 31, 2016 Shane Wilson

      I just did early voting in Texas. It was an electronic ballot. I just selected write in candidate and then spelled out Kotlikoff’s name. It was a wheel device for the ballot so it took a bit of time, but was worth it. Hope this helps.


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