The War On Our Children

The War On Our Children

Produced and Directed by the 
Democratic and Republican Parties

Want It To Stop?

Weapon #1

Dump $206 Trillion in Debt in the Our Kids’ Laps, but Keep Almost All Off the Books

Weapon #2

Provide Our Kids With Third-Rate Primary and Secondary

Education and Saddle Them With Massive Student Debt

Weapon #3

Spend Six Decades Undersaving, Underinvesting, Undereducating,

Adding 40 Million Immigrants to the Work Force to Produce the Expected Result —

Fewer Good Jobs and Stagnating Real Wages 

Weapon #4

Provide Limited Health Insurance Coverage at an Exorbitant Price

Weapon #5

Establish 20+ Dysfunctional Tax/Transfer Systems that Trap Millions of Our Kids In Poverty

Weapon #6

“Fix” Our Banking System So It’s More Prone than Ever

to Fail and Damage Our Kids’ Economy

Weapon #7

Run Social Security System as the World’s Greatest Ponzi Scheme

and Hide the System’s 32 Trillion Unfunded Liability

Weapon #8

Let North Korea Develop Nuclear Warheads and

Long-Range Missiles to Target Our Children


Weapon #9

Send Our Kids To Die or Become Gravely Wounded

in Obviously Unwinnable Ground Wars

Weapon #10

Destroy Our Children’s Climate and Risk Colossal Damage to the Planet

Want It To Stop?


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