To The Press Who Have Failed To Cover Our Campaign

I’m Laurence Kotlikoff.

There are six people that can legally reach 270 electors on November 8th and be elected President. I’m one of the six. I’m a nationally registered write in candidate.

My campaign website is
Only registered write-in candidates get their votes counted. I can, at the max, win 90 percent of all electoral votes.  This reflects my being on the ballot in LA and CO, my having registered in every state (except NC and DE) that requires registration, and the fact that a handful of states don’t require write-in candidates to register.

Voting for me and my VP (UCLA economist, Edward Leamer) requires writing just four words — Laurence Kotlikoff and Edward Leamer — on one’s ballot in the spaces provided.
As you know, the country doesn’t want Trump or Clinton. Nor does it want Johnson, Stein, or McMullin. And for excellent reasons.

What about me?

Most of the country doesn’t know about me because you folks haven’t written about me. And the reason you haven’t written about me is you haven’t done your homework.

Either you haven’t understood the difference between registered and non-registered write-in candidates or you have relied on terribly flawed sources (Google searches and Wikipedia write-in registration maps) to determine who is registered and where. None of you has, for example, checked with the 105 separate county and city election commissions in Illinois to learn that we are registered with each. None of you has, apparently, checked with Michigan, which confirms registration via email, but doesn’t publicize registrants. None of you know we’re registered in CA because you couldn’t know. CA doesn’t report registrants until October 28th. The list goes on.

And none of you seem to get that I am not just the only nationally registered write-in Presidential candidate in this election. I may well be the only such candidate in any postwar election. So believing that nationally registered write-ins can’t win because they never have is likely forming an inference based on absolutely zero data.
Here’s a simple way to find out where we’re registered and precisely what we did to register in each state. Simply call me. My contact info is at Click on Vita/Bio.
Let’s say you call. What else will you learn?

You’ll learn that I’m not the Second Coming. But I am very much what the public seeks in our next President, to wit

1) Someone who is not a politician
2) Someone who doesn’t have a train full of baggage
3) Someone who has a highly detailed, 157-page platform, vetted by top economists, posted
4) Someone who is an independent and can work with both parties
5) Someone who is technically trained to fix our economy, which is in far worse shape on the fiscal side than any of you have reported or, I believe, imagine.
7) Someone who has the backbone to put an absolute and immediate end to North Korea’s missile and nuclear weapons testing.
8) Someone who has lived abroad, who has worked abroad, and who has consulted with governments at the highest levels in countries ranging from Chile to the UK to Italy to Russia to China.
9) Someone who has worked for our government.
10) Someone who is ranked by the Economist as one of the world’s most influential economists
11) Someone who has run a small business employing 10 people for 23 years
12) Someone who has written 19 books, including books covering banking reform, tax reform, healthcare reform, and Social Security reform
13) Someone with simple (postcard length) plans, vetted by top economists, to radically reform our tax system, healthcare system, banking system, welfare system, and Social Security system.
14) Someone who has testified to Congress 19 times on a range of issues at the invitation of both Democrats and Republicans
15) Someone who is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
16) Someone who is socially liberal and fiscally responsible
17) Someone whose election would break the two-party monopoly on political power and change American politics forever
18) Someone who isn’t relying on money to get elected
19) Someone who doesn’t lie, doesn’t cheat, treats everyone with respect, lives by and respects the rules, and has never been called an “ist” of any kind.
20) Someone who truly is running on behalf of your kids

Given the above, I find it passing strange (Mark Twain’s phrase) that not one of you has written a word about my campaign.

Fortunately, you aren’t the entire press corps. Reporters at FiveThirtyEight, Bloomberg News, Bloomberg TV, BusinessWeek, the WSJ, the Dallas News, CNBC, CBS, Money, Forbes, Newsmax, PBS, NPR, McClatchy, the Detroit News, Yahoo, the Detroit News, Ozy, Poltico, Investment News, Philly Voice,  Die Welt and the Frankfurter Allgemeine (Germany’s top two newspapers), The Australian (Australia’s top newspaper), the Jyllands-Posten (Denmark’s top newspaper), and Moskovsky Komsomolets (Russia’s top newspaper) have either penned long articles about my candidacy or mentioned it in discussing specific issues. We also have a large team of volunteers spreading the word via social media. And we are now calling out to 20,000 economists around the country to spread news about our campaign via email chains. Finally, I’ve done a large number of radio interviews.

The above notwithstanding, you folks have collectively done an excellent job keeping the public in the dark about my candidacy and

But as an economist, I’m putting my trust in competition and your self interest.

The first of you that writes this article, “The Presidential Candidate Everyone Wants, But No One Knows About,” may end up with the hottest article in the next two weeks, if not the entire campaign.

So, again, here’s my number. 617 834 2148 Call day or night, whenever works.

Yes, the hour is late, but social media spurred by traditional media moves at the speed of light.

America is the story of making the impossible possible. This is an American story.

With best regards and apologies for the tough love,


4 comments on “To The Press Who Have Failed To Cover Our Campaign

  1. November 1, 2016 Ronald Schenk

    Today I proudly cast my vote for you. Good luck! I’m feeling very good about voting for you and not falling into the trap of voting for the lesser of two bad choices for president.

    • November 1, 2016 Ronald Schenk

      Spreading the word to all I come in contact with!

  2. November 3, 2016 Bob Little

    Well said. Writing you in tomorrow in early voting in Texas.

  3. November 3, 2016 Fred

    I voted for you, too, today!


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