An Endorsement That Beats Colin Powell’s

Today, two things happened. Colin Powell, who I had hoped would endorse our candidacy, endorsed Clinton and I received the following email. Colin Powell’s endorsement could have produced a landslide in our direction. He has that much clout.  But Mr. Nenov’s endorsement is beyond heartwarming and makes this campaign fully worth it no matter the outcome.


Dear Mr. Kotlikoff, I am one of many, many new Americans who now have the right to vote. Since this campaign started, I and most of my friends are shocked at the quality of candidates presented by both major players – Republicans and Democrats.  Both sides and their present candidates show everyday that the USA needs something better and smarter. Economic, immigration and educational problems — we need educated and smart person to lead the country. We also need a person who will not looking for enemies around the world, but who will focus on education to improve the next generation of America.

I was born and grew up in socialist country, but we had a capitalist education system; now it looks like I live in capitalist country with socialist education system. That’s why “Our high schoolers rank 27th in math on the PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) test. They rank 20th in science and 17th in reading. ”

I read you platform and I liked it. Its balanced, its looks at things from the eyes of different people.  I don’t want to vote for an arrogant businessman or for a well paid wall street consultant, who promises she “will fight Wall Street”.

I don’t understand why there is no fair competition and why the bar to be on TV is 15%. I hope this will be changed for the next elections. I and most of my friends are looking for someone else (not Rep or Dem), to vote.  I don’t understand when even in this situation – when most of Americans don’t want to vote for Him or Her, they are not looking for other options?!? Other candidates should benefit from this situation. And the reason for this is education. It is and always will be the main engine of prosperity.

That’s why I’ll vote for you ! I know the possibility you to be the next president is small, but I would like to be proud about my vote. And step by step, our system will be changed.

Wish you all the best !

Andrey Nenov

Denver, CO

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