Vote For A President Who Won’t Be Indicted or Impeached

Our country faces grave domestic and foreign policy challenges. Yet the two parties have force fed us two deeply flawed candidates who can’t discern, let alone tell the truth about where we are and where we need to go as a nation. But even were they to grasp what’s wrong with our country and how to fix it,  they would have no prayer in doing so. Clinton is public enemy #1 to the Republicans and Trump is public enemy #1 to the Democrats. If one of these two people is elected, it will be political gridlock starting on Inauguration Day.

Yet the situation would likely be even worse.  The FBI would surely not have reopened the investigation of Clinton’s use of a private server 11 days before the election if it did not have evidence of an indictable offense. Many argue that the evidence that has surfaced so far suffices to indict Clinton for violating our laws governing national security. There is also the matter of the Clinton Foundation and the extent to which Clinton, as Secretary of State, bestowed special treatment or favors to contributors to that Foundation. If Clinton is elected, we can expect investigations of Clinton in the House, which will likely remain in Republican control. Recall that a Republican House impeached Clinton’s husband. The same could happen to her.

Next consider how Trump will fare. He too could be indicted for the Trump University scam, for purloining funds from the Trump Foundation to pay for things of personal benefit (including a massive self portrait) and directing the Trump Foundation to make and conceal an illicit political contribution to Florida’s Attorney General, Pam Bondi, coincident with her reviewing allegations of fraud committed by Trump University. Trump could also be subject to impeachment by the House if the many Republican House members who openly or privately detest Trump join forces with House Democrats.

If you’d prefer to elect a President without a trainload of baggage, who is not under investigation, who won’t get impeached, who can work well with both Democrats and Republicans, who understands our problems and how to fix them, write Laurence Kotlikoff on your ballot in the space provided for Presidential write-in candidates and write Edward Leamer in the space provided for Vice Presidential write-in candidates. It’s really that simple.


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