We Could Win If We Come In Third

Dear Marvelous Supporters,

Please make one last push to get everyone you know to write Ed and me in on their ballots. If neither Trump nor Clinton win 270 electors and we win more electors than any other candidate apart from Clinton and Trump, the House would need to decide and would likely choose me and Ed over Trump and Pence.

These are very strange times. The NY Times, which has totally boycotted our campaign, ran a front-page story today about the degree of public disgust with the Republican and Democratic candidates. Had the Times spent the Summer and Fall even occasionally covering our campaign and proposed policies, both would be common knowledge because the other media would have followed the Time’s lead.

I, perhaps naively, thought the mainstream media would do its job , report about our campaign, compare our policies with those of our opponents, and resist making statements like, “They have zero chance.” That opinion, when repeated often enough, can produce a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I do think the only future for our Democracy lies in write-in candidacies like our own. Thanks to the truly incredible efforts of our campaign manager, Daniel Smith, and many hard working volunteers around the country, we were able, on a shoe-string budget, to register across the country. We also attracted more major press (if not the NY Times) than any postwar write-in candidate. Yes, the press’ opinion of our chances were we had no money and, therefore, no chance. Had the press kept that opinion, not fact, to itself, our chances today would surely be far greater.

But the race is not yet run and it takes but a few minutes to spread a virus across the internet. So please shoot off as many viral messages as possible.

My favorite subject line, which I’ve resisted so far, is Screw the Parties — Write In Kotlikoff and Leamer (Kotlikoff2016.com).

Yes, that language is vulgar. So tone it down as needed. But direct your anger, and I know you are angry, to getting us votes.

Wouldn’t it be sublime if both Clinton and Trump were sent packing — Clinton back to influence peddling and Trump back to pre-K.

All best and with deep and lasting appreciation for your faith in Ed and me,





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