Vote Your Hope, Not Your Fear

Tuesday’s our country’s big day and your big choice.

You can vote for the fear monger.

You can vote for the power monger.

Both are objects of dread, and rightfully so. Both will, in their own ways, make our grave problems far worse.

Or you can write four words on your ballot — Laurence Kotlikoff and Edward Leamer.

Our campaign has one theme — It’s Our Children.

These words weren’t chosen lightly. They aren’t Make America Great or I’m With Her. They were chosen to send the message that our children are at risk and that we need adults, not politicians, to care for them.

Our policies are focused on your children’s futures. They will restore fiscal sanity and solvency to our government, fundamentally reform our dysfunctional tax, Social Security, healthcare, and financial systems, fight climate change for real, use new technology to equalize and dramatically improve public education, and confront in clear and unmistakable terms the threats posed by North Korea’s nuclear weapons and short- and long-range missile testing and Iran’s long-range missile testing.

Ed and I ask for your vote not out of pride, not out of lust for power, and not out of a desperate need for attention.

Tuesday, we ask you to set aside the polls and the politics.

Tuesday, we ask you to vote out of hope, not fear.

Tuesday, we ask you to vote for the most important thing in your lives.

Tuesday, we ask you to vote for your children.

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