Congratulations to President Elect Trump

I congratulate Donald Trump on his surprising victory.

He proved the press and the pollsters wrong, capturing a majority of the electors, albeit a minority of the voters.

I’ve said many very strong and negative things about Donald Trump over the course of this campaign. But the electoral process has reached its choice and I respect that choice.

Many people fear our new President will be intolerant, destroy our trading relations, round up illegal immigrants in the millions in the dead of night and take them away, ban muslim immigrants, pack the Supreme Court with Justices who will overturn a woman’s right to choose and gay marriage, and, then, for good measure, start firing nuclear missiles at China.

There are many different versions of Donald Trump. I hope and sense that a more just, tolerant, and sensible Donald Trump will move into the White House.  If not, millions of Americans, myself included, will rise in opposition.

President Elect Trump would do well to remember the lessons learned by Richard Nixon, who won a second term in a landslide, but faced massive protests against his continuation of the Vietnam War. Nixon quickly became public enemy number one. This and his illegal behavior forced him to resign in disgrace.

The majority of the American public did not coronate Donald Trump. The majority of Americans did not endorse Donald Trump. The majority of Americans did not even vote for Donald Trump. Instead, a geographically well situated minority of Americans decided they hated, feared, or disliked Donald Trump less than they hated, feared, or disliked Hillary Clinton.

Looking forward, our country needs to create The Independent Party — a party that’s not dominated by the ideological wings of the two parties and represents the country’s middle, which is socially liberal and fiscally responsible. For someone rich, someone with $50 million (and we have many such people), this is the eminently feasible. This is the cost of getting a third party on the ballot.

Alternatively, someone with sufficient resources can run as a registered write-in candidate. The cost of registering as a write-in candidate is remarkably small. But, as I learned to my disappointment, the media’s immediate reaction to an otherwise credible write-in candidate comes down to these words — “Show me the money and then, maybe, I’ll write about your candidacy.”

But 2020 is four long years away and my best contribution for now is to continue to push for the specific policies laid out in our platform.  President Elect Trump would well do well to consult that set of policies if he really hopes to turn our economy around without sacrificing social equity.

In closing, I want to take this opportunity to thank my running mate and dear friend, Edward Leamer, for agreeing, without hesitation, to run at my side and providing his steadfast support for our endeavor. I also want to thank all our volunteers, particularly our Campaign Director, Daniel Smith, who worked so tirelessly to help us register our write-in candidacy across the country and spread the word to voters and the media. Finally, I want to thank my beloved wife, Bridget Jourgensen, for repeatedly telling me she was proud I was running. That made all the difference in the world.





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