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  • Kotlikoff is running for president as a write-in candidate (his running mate is Ed Leamer, an economist at UCLA). If candidates such as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are noticeably vague on the details of their policy proposals, Kotlikoff is the polar opposite, spelling out in readable detail what he intends to do to rein in debt and cut government spending, how he would handle foreign policy, and more.

  • Moskovsky Komsomolets

    I became a candidate to protect our children from a fiscal disaster. I became a candidate to fundamentally reform our tax, social security system, health care, banking, education, and immigration systems. And I'm running to eliminate or significantly reduce many of the risks that we are imposing on our children, including the risk of climate change and the risk of a nuclear attack from rogue states such as North Korea and Iran.

  • Shafaff News Network, Cairo, Egypt

    This is an interview about my candidacy with the top Egyptian Newspaper.

  • Colorado Public Radio

    Kotlikoff is a prominent economist who teaches at Boston University. He says he's running for president because he's met with politicians over the years to advocate for various policies related to Social Security and other issues but, "it's not leading to good policy." He says too often good policies get stymied because of potentially negative political implications.


    Renowned Boston University Economics Professor Laurence Kotlikoff is running for President with a write-in campaign. He says we need an economic expert, not a politician, to fix our severe financial problems. Dr. Kotlikoff explains, “Our democracy is in trouble. We have 14% of the electorate who have chosen Hillary Clinton for us to vote for, and a different 14% have chosen Trump to vote for. The vast majority of the population realizes neither Clinton nor Trump are qualified.

  • Liberty Talk Radio

    Sorry, this interview starts about 5 minutes late.

  • FiveThirtyEight

    The animating principle behind Kotlikoff’s campaign is simple: Today’s Americans are running up a huge bill — both literal and figurative — and leaving the next generation to pay it. On fiscal policy, Kotlikoff thinks that official government budget estimates vastly understate the future cost of Social Security, Medicare and other programs. On foreign relations, Kotlikoff argues that by letting North Korea develop nuclear weapons, the U.S. is leaving a far less secure world for future generations. And on climate change, Kotlikoff believes not only that the U.S. is failing to take the threat seriously, but also that many well-intentioned policies are making the problem worse.

  • The Detroit Free Press

    “Anybody who is interested in policy and concerned about the country’s direction and concerned about foreign policy should be very disappointed with the two choices we now have,” said Kotlikoff, a fiscal conservative, author and professor of economics at Boston University, who has developed a 157-page platform book. “This is a serious endeavor, it wasn’t done as a lark. You cannot influence politicians because their focus is on getting and maintaining power. They’re not focused on the truth or solutions.”

  • The Philly Voice

    Just over two weeks remain until the 2016 presidential election on Nov. 8, but if you ask economist and University of Pennsylvania graduate Laurence Kotlikoff, that's plenty of time to mount a Herculean campaign to become the nation's next Commander-in-Chief — or, at the very least, bring down Donald Trump.

  • A Choice, Not an Echo

    Larry Kotlikoff is probably the smartest, the most honest and the most thoughtful person ever to run for President of the United States.

  • Forbes

    The fact that someone as rich as Donald Trump can pay no taxes is news to many. It’s not news to the super rich. The super rich have a standard way to avoid the taxman that doesn’t require losing a billion in real estate. They simply don’t declare any income. My tax plan would end this.

  • CBS News

    Kotlikoff is tying his research to his presidential platform, which calls for a $50 per-ton tax on carbon emissions, effectively giving economic teeth to controlling carbon emissions. (Note from Kotlikoff: I've increased this to $80 after consulting more closely with climate change experts. $80 is what's needed to incentivize carbon recapture, which is critical to keep our climate from reaching a tipping point.)

  • McClatchy DC

    Write-in presidential candidate and Boston University economist Laurence Kotlikoff said widespread discontent could fuel his presidential bid, and that his brand of fiscal restraint appealed to “never Trump” Republicans scrambling for an alternative just weeks before Election Day.

  • The Glenn Show

    Kotlikoff discusses his Presidential candidacy with Brown University economist, Glenn Loury.

  • The Harvard Independent

    Kotlikoff (is) a candidate willing to take on big money, special interests, and major parties, in order to assert the desirability of informed voices in politics. And isn’t that something worth fighting for.

  • Interview with Brookline Interactive Group

    Short interview with Write-In Candidate, Laurence Kotlikoff.

  • The John Batchelor Show

    John Batchelor talks Social Security with Laurence Kotlikofff.

  • John Batchelor Show

    Write-In for President: Taxes & Healthcare. Laurence Kotlikoff, Boston University. My Tax Plan As explained in my platform, I would radically reform healthcare, Social Security, and Food Stamps. These reforms would dramatically reduce work disincentives particularly those facing poor and older workers

  • The Detroit News

    “I’m the only person who stands between Clinton and Trump and the future of our kids,” Kotlikoff said.

  • Bloomberg

    Presidential hopeful Laurence Kotlikoff uses game theory to state the obvious: Nobody likes the candidates (hyperbolically speaking). The solution: Vote for him.