Press Coverage

  • Forbes

    I’m a write-in candidate for President. What most of the press seem not to know is that only registered write-in candidates actually have their votes counted. This changes the potential dynamics of this race dramatically since a single endorsement from a Colin Powell or a Jon Stewart could flip massive numbers of first Republicans and then Democrats to my candidacy since they realized others will follower the endorser's example. We Americans like to vote in packs to make our vote matter. But we also don't like to vote for candidates we don't like!

  • Austin American Statesman

    If we’re looking for a president with no baggage, no prejudices and who is capable of wise thought and good decisions, Kotlikoff's the one.

  • Yahoo

    "We have one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world," said Kotlikoff. "But we also have an array of loopholes that allow companies to escape taxation – including keeping capital off shore. That's why the tax collects very little revenue, while driving corporations and jobs out of the country." Kotlikoff is critical of other tax proposals made by Trump and Hillary Clinton, including Trump's proposal for a 15 percent maximum tax rate on non-corporate business earnings. Laurence Kotlikoff is running for president himself – as a write in candidate.

  • Bloomberg News

    We need fundamental, ground up reform of taxes, Social Security, healthcare, banking, education and the list goes on. This campaign is dedicated to winning and providing America with a new New Deal. It's not an effort to influence the policies of Trump or Clinton, neither of which will be able to enact any serious policy reforms from the day they are sworn in through the day they leave office. The opposition party will block everything they propose. It's time to elect someone who can bring these two parties together. And that someone can't be the enemy of either. He/she needs to be independent, as I am, and be respected by both sides, which I am.

  • Die Welt

    Auch diese Erfahrung wird dazu beigetragen haben, dass Kotlikoff den Politikbetrieb verachtet. "Ich will Präsident werden, nicht nur um unser Land zu reparieren, sondern auch, um den politischen Prozess zu verändern", sagt der Ökonom. "Die Politik hat unser Land heruntergewirtschaftet auf das Niveau von Argentinien. Wir wachsen kaum noch, das Bildungssystem ist katastrophal, für die versprochenen Renten ist kein Geld da; wohin ich schaue, sehe ich Zerfall."

  • Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

    Der Ökonom geht das Projekt Weißes Haus mit einer Mischung aus großer Ernsthaftigkeit, Idealismus und Selbstbewusstsein an. Tausende Amerikaner wären nach seiner Ansicht besser geeignet, das Land zu führen, sagt Kotlikoff. Hillary Clinton und Donald Trump zählt er freilich nicht dazu. Sie hält er für unehrlich, oberflächlich und fahrlässig im Umgang mit nationalen Sicherheitsfragen, ihn hält er für einen narzisstischen, rassistischen, sexistischen, verwöhnten, maßlosen, uninformierten Demagogen.

  • PBS's Next Avenue

    Write-in candidates never do the hard work to become registered in the roughly half of the states requiring registration. If you aren’t registered, the state won’t count your write-in votes. Kotlikoff may be the first nationwide registered write-in candidate for President. This is why he appears to be one of only 5 people who can be elected President on November 8th.

  • Jyllands-Posten (the leading newspaper in Denmark)

    Forget about Trump and Clinton. Here's the professor who wants to become the next President.

  • The Australian

    “Both Clinton and Trump ­appear to have no sense of the magnitude of our country’s fiscal insolvency,” says Laurence Kotli­koff, a Boston University econo­mics professor who also is running for president.

  • Politico

    If an economist with degrees from two Ivy League schools ran for president, what would his tax reform platform look like? Glad you asked.

  • CNBC

    "We're not broke in 20 years to 30 years, we're broke now," Kotlikoff said. "All the bills have been kept off the books by Congress and presidential administrations for six decades."

  • The Wall Street Journal

    Harvard-trained economist Laurence Kotlikoff, disturbed by Donald Trump’s rise and frustrated by U.S. economic policy, decided to run for president himself. The tax expert and economics professor at Boston University spent three months last year writing a 157-page election platform—an economist’s wish list that rides roughshod over the traditional left-right divide.

  • This is a very serious write-in campaign, which has received more national press coverage than any postwar write-in campaign. Putting me on the ballot is incredibly simple. You just have to write these four words: Laurence Kotlikoff for President.

  • Financial Sense Newshour

    The following is a summary of our recent interview with Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff, Professor of Economics at Boston University, who is running for President. You can listen to the interview on iTunes at

  • The Boston Globe

    Kotlikoff, a Boston University economics professor and foremost expert on Social Security, also feels something needs to be done to fix the country, which is why he’s running for President as a write-in candidate.

  • Courier Post

    There are two central messages inherent in Kotlikoff's campaign. First is that the economy is actually on the verge of collapse thanks to an enormous government he said is indebted $199 trillion. Second is a promise to leave the country in a better condition for our children than it is in now, something he said is not going to happen with either of the current major candidates.

  • Interview with Bert Martinez

  • It’s conceivable that, instead of fiddling with Social Security, Congress will scrap it in favor of something better. Boston University economist Laurence Kotlikoff proposes that we freeze benefits earned to date while having future benefit accruals come from a sort of mandatory 401(k). The account would be invested, via stocks and bonds, in real capital assets rather than phony IOUs. This is an admirable plan.

  • Newsmax

    Move over, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. There's an economist running for president. Laurence J. "Larry" Kotlikoff is jumping into the race as a write-in candidate.

  • Discussion of my candidacy begins about 20 minutes into the podcast.